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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home

Posted On - 29/09/2017 12:33:00

The possibilities Smart Products and Services present are huge. But the ways they're applied and how are complex. In Since our 2017 Open Day we've had that much interest in Smart Home I've started blogging about it.

The possibilities Smart products and services present are huge. They extend well beyond switching lights and plugs on and off with a mobile. But the ways in which they can be applied and how you go about making them work are complex.

In "Smart Home, Office and Workplace" I'm going to help you understand things better. And in doing so I'll hint at some of the cute ways Smart can help you and your business as well as your customers.

Cramming Smart Home

The trick to making Smart products and services irresistible is in clever ways to use them. Ways that do things cuter, smarter and plain better than you do them now. But that's easier said than done – not that it's difficult, it's just a matter of knowledge and know-how. Which is why this series "Smart Home, Office and Workplace" will roll-out in 8 Steps.

Each step will cover a key way to apply Smart. And it'll bring it to life with a useful way to apply it in your business. So in learning about Smart you get the benefit first. If you'd like to find out how to set-up a retail footfall counter or journey tracker for site visits stick around.

Step One to Smart Home

Last week's blog covered a couple of things. If you're new to the world of Smart products and services it can seem bewildering. So getting educated matters. But knowledge isn't enough, you need to know and be able to use some important software. Important because if you can't use it you'll limit how clever your use of Smart is.

How do you get up to speed with both? Easy – read last week's blog "Step One to Smart Home". Plus take a look at our dedicated website "What can a Smart Home Do?"

Smart Home Step Two: Virtually Home

I'm sure you're impatient to learn the fancy stuff and can't wait for clever uses of all things Smart. If that's you jump to the relevant blog – though you'll have to wait ‘till they're published.

But I'd suggest there are some basics you need to learn first. They may be elementary but they're far from useless. In learning to set up the most simple of Smart products – a plug – you can achieve amazing things. Like improve the security of your home, office and workplace. Find that hard to believe? read the blog and find out why it shouldn't be.

Automation: Smart Home Step 3

It's one thing to remote control Smart products it's another automating them so they don't rely on you. There are Smart products - and Smart services – that make this possible. Things like motion sensors and timers open up a whole new way to use things.

Would you'd like to learn how to make the lights in your shop windows change colour when customers walk by? Or get daily reminders telling you "Complete your Target basket"? If so this blog's for you.

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