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Using Geofencing for Smart Home: Step 7

Posted On - 17/11/2017 08:42:55

Telling your Smart Home what to do with voice activation is great. But what if you didn't need to tell it and it ‘knew'...Using voice activation to tell your Smart Home what to do is great. But what if you didn't need to tell it and it just ‘knew'? What if it could read your mind and did what you wanted?

Sounds nuts but it can – (depending on how you look at it)!

Sure, your Smart Home isn't telepathic but there's a whole angle on how it works I've not yet covered. An angle that also means you can track how much time you're spending on site visits. Like to find out more? Read on…


Your phone's got tabs on you. Whether it's through GPS, Wi-Fi positioning or network tracking it knows where you are. Meaning you've a Sat-Nav in your pocket - great for the car or on foot.

But as it lets you know where you are, it lets others know that too. So breakdown and emergency services can find you if needs be. Nice to know if you're in trouble.

And if it can share your location with others, it can share theirs back. So it's no surprise there are apps to help you track your kids or elderly relatives. That's helpful, a load off your mind.

Far from snooping on you, your phone's capable of clever, useful stuff. Brilliant! But what's it got to do with Smart Home?

Hi, I'm home!

It's nice when you're not the first home. The mail's been brought in. The lights switched on. The windows opened. The curtains closed. The heating or air-con's on. The TV… And there's someone there to talk to. They've opened everything up and are there to greet you.

But, if you're first in things are completely different. There's no-one to talk to and you've to do everything. And that's a bit of a lonely experience. Perhaps scary too.

Don't fear Smart Home can keep you company. Well, not actually, but it can switch stuff on and off for you. But what about the companionship? Well, if you've got an Echo try saying "Alexa, I'm home" next time you walk in. See what she says back.

Geo-fencing... a technology that defines virtual boundaries around real-world geographies. It makes it possible to link software with a location so it triggers when a mobile device enters or leaves it.

If that sounds useful it is. Because IFTTT has services that do that - trigger when you enter or exit a location. Can you see where this is going? If you use that trigger to do something, like change a switch, you're cooking. Well, of course, that's exactly what you can do. Meaning you can create Applets to automatically switch-on anything you like. So, as if by magic, as you unlock the door every evening, the lights, TV, air-con, whatever are already working. What's more, even Alexa's there to welcome you.

Site Visits

You could use what I've spoken about for when you arrive at work. Instead of a dark shop or office, the lights are on and the kettle's about to boil.

As useful as this is there's a whole different way to use location services that'll help you even more. You can use them to make a note of where you are at any time.

Just how is that useful?

Well, if you visit customers you're spending a lot of time traveling and working away. Now, I'm not suggesting this wastes time, not at all. But are you sure these visits are worth what you think? That all the time and effort you put in pays back? You see, if you believe they're worth it, you'll perceive them so.

Because you want site visits to pay-off, because you think they're the right thing to do for your customers and therefore business, cognitive bias will convince you they do.

When if you knew what they really cost you, you'd see what you charge doesn't make them worth much at all...

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