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Smart Home Step 2: Virtually Home

Posted On - 13/10/2017 09:39:44

Mi|Home Gateway and Smart Plug Set Up

Smart Home presents huge potential. Automation or control with conditional logic makes some pretty cool stuff possible.

But as desirable as learning about these is, there are some basics to cover first.

Don't be disappointed. In learning to set up the most simple of Smart products – a mains plug – you can achieve amazing things. Like improving the security of your home, office and workplace. Find that hard to believe? This blog's for you...

Scallywag or thief?

Everyone worries over security. Your business is empty at night. There's no-one there from Saturday night to Monday morning, even all weekend… It nags.

Sure, you can pay for security and alarm monitoring but it costs. Installing your own CCTV can help. Motion sensors alert you with a live stream to your mobile. And whichever you choose both give you the security of knowing when something's happening.

Problem is, what can you do about it? It's going on now and you're not there, possibly in bed. If you live around the corner, you can hop out and be there in 10. But for most of us that's not an option. But what if you could be there immediately? Or to be exact, what if you could give the impression you were?

Reassuringly predictable

Timer plugs and motion sensors help. Lights and radio on and off, set to look like you're moving around - you know the stuff. While this may deter opportunists, others will see the pattern. And the very thing you did to make yourself safer does the complete opposite.

But using Smart Home products means you can be more erratic. You can add some unpredictability. Because with remote control you can add to what the timers and motion sensors are set up to do. You can do stuff outside of their control. So when you receive a CCTV alert you can switch on lights, radio, anything - and switch them off when you want. It may not seem much but it's one more seed of doubt for a would-be burglar.

Plug and play

Remote control of plugs is itself pretty pointless until you think about purpose. Why would you want to do it? What circumstances make it a good idea? That's why I took the time to set the scene and make the case. Setting up a simple Smart product like a plug has real worth. So the rest of this blog describes how to do that.

I'm going to talk about an Energenie Mi|Home Smart Plug. Why a plug and not a socket? First, because a plug is moveable and a socket fixed. Set it up once and you've a facility you can move anywhere. Second, because while retrofitting your own sockets at home doesn't need an electrician, for your business it does. So I settled for the cheaper and more flexible option.


You'll need three things to get you going. A Gateway to connect your Smart Plug to the cloud. The Smart Plug itself. And your mobile.

Once you've these connect the Gateway to your router. Download the Energenie Mi|Home app to your phone. Pair the Smart Plug with the Gateway and go! It's that simple.

Don't worry if it sounds too good. We've put together a special video setting out the detail - "Mi|Home Unboxing and Set Up Instructions". It covers setting up a Gateway and pairing a Smart Plug. If it doesn't make sense or you get stuck just drop me a line:

Ready to go

This blog marks a significant step – you're now off with Smart Home. With the Gateway and app installed you've done the groundwork. And in setting up a Smart Plug you've added and enabled the operation of a device.

Together these evidence threshold competence with using Smart Home products – well done. You can now add and operate products as you wish.

Next week I'm going to build on what we've done as we journey towards some really clever Smart Home stuff. Next week the focus is automation. If you'd like to find out more join me for "Automation: Smart Home Step 3".

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