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Step One with Smart Home

Posted On - 22/09/2017 08:48:29

Take Step One with Smart Home

Creating an account with IFTTT gets you going. But "Step One" is more. Don't worry if you've not got anything Smart in your home, "Step One" isn't about that.

Your real challenge is getting your head around what's possible with Smart and how to make it happen. Now, IFTTT publishes a blog amongst other things. It posts on developments and how people are using it. If you're to get educated and appreciate more about Smart the blog is a great way to learn.

But there's a hitch: you can't sign up to an RSS or get email alerts for new posts. What you can do is create an Applet that'll do that for you. And this is "Step One" with IFTTT. Create an Applet that alerts you to new blog posts.

Just in case

You might well be able to create the Applet yourself. You might also find the prospect a barrier. If this is you don't let it happen, it's easier than you think. To help you create your first Applet I've listed how to do it below. Come on, you're only a few clicks away from getting educated in what Smart can do with emails every time IFTTT posts a blog…

  1. Create an IFTTT account
  2. In the drop down under your user name click "New Applet"
  3. Click the blue "this" to choose a service to connect to. In the search bar type in "IFTTT" – you'll see their icon appear
  4. Click on it and up pop a selection of different "triggers" you can choose
  5. Click on "New IFTTT Update – this trigger fires every time the IFTTT blogs posts something tagged "Updates""
  6. You'll then be able to click the "that" part of the Applet. Click it and up pop a range of "action services"
  7. Click the email icon and a screen "complete the action fields" presents. Use this to add "ingredients" – additional pieces of information sent in the email. Note: IFTTT will send the email to the address you used when creating your IFTTT account
  8. Click "create action" with takes you to the "review and finish" screen
  9. Review the Applet to make sure it's what you want. If you're happy click "finish" to save and activate the Applet

Unknown unknowns

This blog's been about helping you make Smart Home part of your business. In doing so I haven't majored on Smart Products. I haven't mentioned that Target Components now stocks the Energenie Mi|Home range. Instead, I've concentrated on the real issue facing you.

A key barrier stopping you from making Smart Home your business is grasping the possibilities it presents as well as how to make them happen. If you want to make Smart Home more than flogging plugs, switches and the like you have to get the big picture.

If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) is a piece of software you must understand – it's key to Smart. Better than that IFTTT posts regular blogs with practical examples on its use.

Take my advice: open an IFTTT account and create the Applet that keeps you informed. Start seeing what others are doing and what you could too. Get inspired on what's possible with Smart and how it could change your business. Take Step One with Smart Home.

Stay tuned

Target Components is a great fan of Smart Products. Because all the research says they're on the tipping point to being big with consumers. That 2018 will be the year Smart Home goes main-stream in the UK.

ShopTalk wants you – small IT businesses - to make the most of this opportunity. So we're going to blog a lot more about it. Over the coming weeks I'll be blogging about different Smart products and services. I'll tell you about what they do and how you can integrate them to do useful stuff. My goal is to get you Smart smart. If you're interested stick around. Bookmark this page or sign up to get alerts every time something new gets published. A great business opportunity is about to break. Why not be part of it?

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