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The Market for Smart Home and Other Stuff

Posted On - 06/10/2017 08:22:30

Smart Home Clicks with UK Customers

Carl West of GfK's becoming a regular feature at the Target Open Day.

GfK are an independent market research business. Carl is their Supply Chain Director. His specialty is helping retailers, resellers, distributors and system integrators be more profitable. Who better to come talk at the Open Day?

Especially when his focus was Smart Home. About this emerging opportunity and what it could mean for you.

Other stuff first

Carl always gives good value. So his workshop was packed with economic and market insights.

He discussed consumer confidence now and into the start of 2018. He spent time reviewing the IT market in the first half of 2017. Set out how GDPR is driving sales of security products. How gaming is more than PCs – peripherals are key opportunities. And how mesh Wi-Fi products are adding to the market for networking products. There was much to be positive about. Watch the video to see and hear the detail.

"Something's happened this year…"

The workshop was about Smart Home and this is how Carl made his segue. "That is things like Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, Siri - AI...", is how Carl set the scene for his talk on Smart Home.

His point? That AI (artificial intelligence) is prompting change. The market in home automation and connected home products has been vibrant. But the launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home made it jump over 250%. Voice activation has rebooted interest. Consumers now get it. That it's no longer about switching stuff on and off from their phone, it's about aspirations. About saving time and money, improving security, increasing safety. For much more on this fascinating session watch the video.


Carl finished his session with five pieces of advice. I won't go into them all here save one...

If there's one thing you must understand it's why customers buy from you. What is it about your products, service and customer service that makes them keep coming back? Once you know this - your specialty - you can play to it and make yourself a destination.

But I think Carl's point means more: if your business doesn't have a specialty or wants to add another, create it. Smart Home is a breaking tech opportunity. It could be a great one for many of you. Yes, there's work to become the go-to place for Smart Home in your locality. But it's nothing you can't do. What's more, in my series "Smart Home, Office and Workplace" we're helping you do that. Be smart. Get into Smart Home.

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