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Diamond Media: Entering the Awards is Easy

Posted On - 22/05/2015 09:14:35

Diamond Media - National IT Reseller Award Winner for 'Best Media Coverage'Last week we caught up with Sarah Bowen of Hometech Centre – 2014 winner of the National IT Reseller Award for ‘Best Shop Layout'.

This week we turn our attention to Michelle Bailey of Diamond Media – 2014 winner of ‘Best Media Coverage'. Diamond Media of Cleethorpes were also Award winners in 2013 – so what made them think they could do it again?

New Year, no job!

"We [Michelle and husband Paul] set up in business having been laid off from two jobs within 3 months" says Michelle, "It was the New Year and just one too many times. We felt we could do it ourselves so did."

She continues, "We started from an industrial unit and within 6 months were in our first shop. It was tiny - smaller than a living room."

What's Michelle's secret to success?

Fifteen years on Michelle says the secret to their success is twofold, "Take pride in looking after customers" she says, "And diversify, keep up with the times" she says.

Today Diamond Media services phones, laptops, tablets, notebooks and does component repairs too. They've also been known to fix the odd vacuum cleaner…

Why did they enter? It all started with a call from the local paperWhat caused you to take part in the Awards?

"The local paper called" says Michelle, "We're well known in Cleethorpes and do work for people in their offices" she continues, "They wanted to run an article on safe use of the internet, so we helped."

She goes on "It got a half page in the paper. New customers mentioned they'd seen it. So because it seemed good, we entered the Award. Why not?"

How did you feel when you won?

"Surprised and pleased" she says, "I know we won the previous year but every time it's like winning your own little Oscar. You just feel proud you've achieved something. And it feels great to think other businesses like you think so too."

What has winning been like?

Michelle considers her words, "I think it affects you personally" she says, "It spurs you on, makes you think ‘What's next'. It's a real boost. Everyone should try it."

What would you say to anyone unsure about entering?

"Go for it" Michelle says confidently, "You won't think you'll win – but you'll never know unless you try."

She ends, "Entering is easy – the hardest part is keeping your answers short!"

Interested in the 2015 Awards?

Reseller Awards: Open to ALL Types of IT Business
The National IT Reseller Awards are unique. They are the only Awards for the IT Trade voted on exclusively by the Trade. They exist to reward and celebrate your hard work.

The whole process has been levelled so anyone can win and everyone benefits from sharing best practices.

And past winners tell us it takes 15 - 20 minutes to enter. They really are that easy. 

To find out more, watch the video or contact us as below. And if you like what you see and hear visit the ‘Reseller Awards' and ‘Awards Support' pages of Target 2015 Open Day website to start your entry.

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