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Play Makes it Possible

Posted On - 01/05/2015 09:48:51

September may be 4 months off, but if you're taking part in this year's Awards it all kicks-off in three weeksSeptember may be 4 months off, but if you're taking part in this year's Awards it all kicks-off in three weeks. Yep, May 26th: the date the Open Day website opens for registrations and the day you can enter the Awards.

Any customer can participate and anyone can win. But is it worth the effort? In this, the first blog in a series on the 2015 Awards, we explore the main reasons why.

Prove you're different and better

Take part and you compete with businesses from across the UK and Ireland. Sure, entering is taking a risk but no more than being in business. No-one has any advantage over anyone else and winning is a huge accolade. Imagine the distinction of winning a National Award.  ‘Play makes it possible.'

Feel good about yourself

Should you win, it's a 'pure' victory. You've triumphed for nothing more, or less, than how good you are. So if you do, you can hold your head up - you're the example others will look to. You're entry has shown what you're good at and your peers have endorsed you as the best. How good is that?

Get recognised for the right reasons

It can feel business is a thankless task. And while customers may thank you for work done are they just doing it to be polite? Your peers have no reason to acknowledge you – you are? So if they do it means far, far more. Recognition from the channel differentiates you. Suppliers, the media and customers alike will notice. No longer are you just another IT business, you're one of note.

If you win, you do so because of merit. You win because you're worth itExperience pure unadulterated pride

You can't buy a National Reseller Award – they aren't for sale. You can't petition for one either – you don't know who may vote. With both your entry and voting completely anonymous to everyone, polling is genuine. If you win, you do so because of merit. You win because you're worth it.

Have more reasons to talk to customers

Winning is more than a one off, it's a conversation starter. You may know all about your entry and the Awards but your customers don't. They'll be happy you won; they'll want to know why and how. Winning is the talking point people will want to chat about. Use it.

Make staff feel good about working for you

Motivating staff can be difficult when they just work for the money. Sure, you may be the boss and tell people what to do. But that doesn't enthuse or excite. Leading is about setting the example, about setting aspirations. Just taking part shares your ambitions, shows the way and raises the bar. And winning? That's inspirational. That makes for something people want to be a part of.

The chance to show-off without boasting

Winning is an event – a moment in time. But once you've won, the competition is over. The Reseller Awards don't end with the announcement. You get a trophy, a certificate and draft PR. All to help you advertise and promote your achievement. No-one likes big heads. But a National Award bestowed on you by your peers, that's different.

You can't sell trust – or can you?Prove you can be trusted

You can't sell trustor can you? Winning is proof of your professionalism. Winning is a sign of a business well run. So winners carry a seal of integrity - a stamp of authority and reliability. They are unmistakeably businesses that can be trusted. Businesses that can't don't bother trying – they're too busy covering their tracks.

Gain even more competitive advantage

Marketing can be very price oriented. Yet price doesn't define you. As specialist, expert businesses it's how good you are that separates you for everyone around you. Winning an Award does just that – it shows you've been rated. It marks you out as outstanding.

Interested in the 2015 Awards?

Reseller Awards: Open to ALL Types of IT Business
The National IT Reseller Awards are unique. They are the only Awards for the IT Trade voted on exclusively by the Trade. They exist to reward and celebrate your hard work.

The whole process has been levelled so anyone can win and everyone benefits from sharing best practices.

And past winners tell us it takes 15 - 20 minutes to enter. They really are that easy. 

To find out more, watch the video or contact us as below. And if you like what you see and hear visit the ‘Reseller Awards' and ‘Awards Support' pages of Target 2015 Open Day website to start your entry.


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