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Premier Computers: Seven into Two Goes Fine

Posted On - 26/06/2015 11:36:03

Chris Loader [RHS] of Premier Computers SouthendBefore we round up next week on the Awards blogs for 2015 next week, we catch up with Chris Loader of Premier Computers in Southend.

Chris entered the Awards for the simple reason he felt proud of what he'd achieved with his new shop.

What he didn't bank on was the reaction he got. To find out more, read the blog.

You're good at IT, why don't you go into business?

This was why Chris started in business back in 2006. "I was running the IT department for a motor parts distributor" says Chris. "People used to say ‘you should go into business'."

He continues, "We didn't have kids then and if it'd gone wrong I knew I'd be able to get a job somewhere – stacking shelves if needs be! When I resigned they [the motor parts distie] offered me more money but that wasn't why I was doing the job. I wanted to be in business."

Nine years and a major shop relocation on, Chris is going from strength to strength.

Evolution's what you need…

Asked what his secret to success is Chris says, "Evolution, keep changing, keep following the trends and make the changes." Chris goes on to talk about how the biggest change he's seen is how laptops have replaced PC's.

"Back in 2006 we saw lots of PC's with Windows 95/98 – very few laptops. What I couldn't understand was why so many others treated them like a black art and didn't want to deal with them." Chris did, the rest is history.

Premier Computers Southend moved to new premises in 2006What caused you to take part in the Reseller Awards?

"We moved shop in 2012" Chris starts, "It's a long and crazy story – the Landlord trebled our rent in the belief we'd grin and bear it because we were an established business."

He continues, "No way were we doing that. We moved. The good news is this is a far better location." He adds, "We entered because we were proud of what we'd done with the new shop. We'd seen the previous year's entries and thought we'd try."

How did you feel when you won?

"Pleased and proud" says multi-Award winner Chris. "We entered 7 Awards – it took maybe a couple of hours over two days to make the entries [that works out 17 minutes/award]" he adds.

"I thought we'd win one but five! That was a big, big surprise."

He concludes, "The biggest surprise was I didn't win the one I thought I would." Indeed, Best Shop Layout was won by another Essex business, Hometech Centre. "Hands up" says Chris, "Their shop is better than ours." He adds, "But I have looked at their entry and learned from it."

Has winning affected you and your business?

Premier Computers Southend: new shop layout devotes 50% retail space to laptops and PCs"It boosted our confidence" says Chris, "It meant we could step back from the shop and push the business more."

He adds, "We'd been to-and-fro on rearranging the shop – just couldn't decide whether moving the workshop to the rear and dedicating 50% of retail space to laptop/PC sales was a good idea. But that night when we won those Awards it told us our instincts are good – so we came away determined to get on and do it."

What would you say to anyone wavering over entering the Awards?

Perhaps unsurprisingly Chris says, "Do it, it's an experience."

Then he adds something important, "I don't do stuff like Awards or comment on forums – I'm a ‘lurker'. But entering isn't embarrassing. It doesn't matter if your shop isn't ‘ideal'. Get on and enter - it will make you improve things. That's what we found. It spurred us on."

Interested in the 2015 Awards?

Reseller Awards: Open to ALL Types of IT Business
The National IT Reseller Awards are unique.

They are the only Awards for the IT Trade voted on exclusively by the Trade.

They exist to reward and celebrate your hard work.

The whole process has been levelled so anyone can win and everyone benefits from sharing best practices.

And past winners tell us it takes 15 - 20 minutes to enter. They really are that easy

To find out more, watch the video or contact us as below. And if you like what you see and hear visit the ‘Reseller Awards' and ‘Awards Support' pages of Target 2015 Open Day website to start your entry.

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