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Computer MOT Centre: The Awards Aren't About Winning

Posted On - 29/05/2015 10:18:55

Computer MOT Centre - National IT Reseller Award Winner 'Best Business Idea'For our next 2015 National IT Reseller Awards blog we catch up with Rob Oldfield of Computer MOT Centre in Bangor – winner of Best Business Idea and Best Event.

Like previous winners Rob describes winning as a real ‘ego boost.' But the prospect of getting that wasn't why he entered. Like to find out what spurred him? Read the blog and find out.

My business? It's more like a hobby

That's how Rob describes how he runs his business. "I don't wake up and think I need to make money" he says, "work is a place to go and have fun!" He must be doing something right, since starting in 1998 he's never looked back. "I worked for another computer business and did repairs on the side" he says. "It was all above board and customers were ones I'd created myself – I used to advertise." He continues, "There was just so much business I decided to go full time. A shop became available and with just £300 I started."

Computer MOT Centre - National IT Reseller Award Winner 'Best Event'What's Rob's secret to success?

"Word of mouth" says Rob, "I've built a good name with the IT help desk at the University here – they send me students." He continues, "We're completely professional but relaxed – people like that." He continues, "As long as the shop ticks over and makes money – that's fine. My only real concern is making sure I don't let my staff down – that they've a job they can rely on." Robs approach certainly seems to work: he doesn't spend on marketing or Yellow Pages. Yet has all the work he wants.

What caused you to take part in the Awards?

"Being honest" Rob starts, "It was Sonya who prompted us. I'd never normally put us forward for an Award, but she hooked us." He continues, "When she mentioned Voting meant I could see what others were doing around the country – that got me going. When I looked at what everyone else was doing it was great. It also made me think ‘Why not?'" He concludes, "Winning wasn't the major interest, seeing everyone else was."

How did you feel when you won?

"It was a total shock" says Rob, "I just didn't expect it." He continues, "I feel we don't run the business like others – we don't take it that seriously, it's more a sort of comfort blanket." He continues, "Yes it was an ego-boost – it's a nice feeling knowing people have voted for you. The Awards ceremony is nice and fun. It's a lot to get back for the 15 minutes it took to make the entry."

The secret of Rob's success? Word-of-MouthHow has winning affected you and your business?

"It backs up why we're successful" says Rob, "It proves to us we're good." He adds, "Having the Award and certificates in the shop and on the website reassures customers. I can't quantify it, but it does."

What would you say to anyone unsure about entering?

"Go for it – you might win" says Rob. "We honestly didn't think we would – and did."

Interested in the 2015 Awards?

Reseller Awards: Open to ALL Types of IT Business
The National IT Reseller Awards are unique. They are the only Awards for the IT Trade voted on exclusively by the Trade. They exist to reward and celebrate your hard work.

The whole process has been levelled so anyone can win and everyone benefits from sharing best practices.

And past winners tell us it takes 15 - 20 minutes to enter. They really are that easy. 

To find out more, watch the video or contact us as below. And if you like what you see and hear visit the ‘Reseller Awards' and ‘Awards Support' pages of Target 2015 Open Day website to start your entry.

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