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Chips Computers: Why Winning Makes You Better

Posted On - 12/06/2015 08:17:44

Chips Computers, Brimington, ChesterfieldYears ago Jenny Griffiths, now of Chips Computers in Brimington, Chesterfield, was once told, "You're not a geek ‘till you've built your own computer." And not being one to pass up a challenge she learned how.

At age 8 her husband to be Phil had already upgraded his BBC himself and was starting to build them too. So perhaps it's no surprise the duo won ‘Best Use of PC Configurator" last year? Well, it was to them.

Ten years and counting…

"Chips Computers established 10 years ago", starts Jenny, "Phil ran a call-out service from home." She continues, "I'd wanted a computer shop for years – from way back when I worked for Dell. Then we saw the unit that's now our shop. It was a real state and had been empty some time. It was dirty and run down – dusty, grey walls, glass hanging out the front door."

Two years later, it may not look much from the outside but in this case appearances are completely misleading: Jenny and Phil have a thriving shop packed with everything for the computer enthusiast.

All it takes is ambition

Chips Computers, Brimington: a regular Aladdin's Cave"We'll give anything a go" says Jenny, "It's what's made us successful."

She continues, "Like when Phil's been to a ShopTalk workshop – we'll sit and talk business ideas for hours after. Then we'll agree what we're going to do and try. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. But if you're not up for trying, how can you hope to get better?"

What caused you to enter the Awards?

"The challenge!" Jenny laughs, "We never thought we'd even be in the running, we just wanted to be a part of trying. To just say ‘Look what we did'."

She concludes, "After all, it can't hurt can it? So we stuck it out there. As for winning, that was a pleasant surprise."

How has winning affected you and your business?

Jenny and Phil: ambitious and willing to try"When we won I was on top of the world," says Jenny, "I was straight on the phone to my family in Alabama." She goes on, "Phil and I were jumping up and down – it was such a high. And now we've got the award, it's set us a benchmark. Given us the confidence to live up to it and do more."

Jenny continues, "The Trophy really works with customers. After all, who else can say they build award winning computers?"

What would you say to those wavering about entering?

"Oh go on and do it," she says, "What have you got to lose?" She continues, "You might just take home an Award. And a huge boost to do better."

Interested in the 2015 Awards?

Reseller Awards: Open to ALL Types of IT Business
The National IT Reseller Awards are unique. They are the only Awards for the IT Trade voted on exclusively by the Trade. They exist to reward and celebrate your hard work.

The whole process has been levelled so anyone can win and everyone benefits from sharing best practices.

And past winners tell us it takes 15 - 20 minutes to enter. They really are that easy. 

To find out more, watch the video or contact us as below. And if you like what you see and hear visit the ‘Reseller Awards' and ‘Awards Support' pages of Target 2015 Open Day website to start your entry.

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