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Smart Home: Are You Ready?

Posted On - 28/07/2017 07:49:02

Help customers save money, improve safety & security, and make lives easierIt's one thing to serve the businesses and consumers where you are. It's another to help them all save money, improve safety & security, and make lives easier.

And by using Smart Products, you can.

Because while Smart used to be a synonym for remote-control, today it means something entirely different. And that adds-up to a great business opportunity for you.

Sensors ramp landing lights 15% when it's dark

Perhaps it's me but I never saw the attraction. Use my mobile to turn on the heating? I leave and get home the same time every day so the timer ‘remembers' that, not me. And if I want to override the thermostat, I get off my backside and do it. As for iKettles, what the…? Doing stuff because it can be – it's a stunt! How's that smart?

Then someone mentioned something that changed my mind. Setting up the lights so they come on if the kids get up in the night: not enough to daze them just enough so they can see. That's different. It's not fanciful, it makes sense. It's actually useful. It does something I couldn't. And it protects their safety, security and well-being. That's Smart.

Lights flash in colour if an alarm trips

Get away from mere remote control and you begin thinking Smart. Start combining Smart devices – integrating them so their actions ‘add-up' to do more - and you're getting pretty Smart.

You see, it would be one thing to make the house lights all blink when any alarm triggers – security, carbon-monoxide or fire. That adds more, it enhances the warning. It helps if for some reason you can't hear or there's other noise. It's Smart.

But make them flash blue for security, red for fire and green for carbon-monoxide that's Smarter. Because you need to respond differently to each. And that's how we think Smart should be - clever.

Play movie: lights dim, curtains close…

This one's more fanciful – call it luxury or top-end - but it's no iToaster. Because while safety and security matter, so does making life easier.

Getting a movie going is barely hard-labour but wouldn't it be nice if everything just happened on ‘play'? No partner locking the front and back doors, no kids closing the curtains and dimming the lights, no checking the volume or brightness or colour, no waiting for everyone to settle back down and then pressing the button, just cut-to-the-chase. Cool huh?

But what happens when little Findlay wants a pee? You just press ‘pause' and the lights come up 30%. What happens if someone rings the doorbell? The movie pauses with CCTV from your front door. All helpful, convenient stuff and definitely Smart.


Add in GPS and Smart goes walk-about. You're late for work. You dash out the house. Did you lock the doors? Switch off the iron? Set the alarm? Turn off all the lights? You remember shutting the front door but… that's it. No need to go back and check. So long as you've got your mobile everything triggers when you leave. It's not there for convenience or even laziness, it's there as a failsafe.

What about coming home? As you drive up your street you see the porch light go on and the garage door opens. As you pull onto the drive garage lights up, the kitchen kettle starts and the radio plays ‘easy listening'. A pleasant home-coming. All triggered because of your location. That's Smart.

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