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We're Ready, Are You?

Posted On - 08/09/2017 07:27:54

So, our 10th annual Open Day is upon us. In 5 days - on September 15th, 2017 at the Cedar Court Hotel Bradford - it kicks-offSo, our 10th annual Open Day is upon us. It kicks-off in just 5 days on September 15th at the Cedar Court Hotel Bradford.

We've been planning it since last October. It all starts by setting the date, mulling over lessons learned and deciding anything major we want to do. From there it builds. Venue, vendors, speakers, floor-plan, after-dinner speaker, event guide, website, registrations, set-up and go!

We've spent the last year getting ready for the day. Are you ready for it too? Register for the Open Day here.


It would be too easy to trot out a list of everything done at the Day. So I won't do that.

I won't tell you about the 43 exhibition stands or 17 business workshops. The three special product zones or two product launches. And I won't tell you about the free lunch (yes, they exist!) or the free evening meal.

Oh, and I won't tell you about our after-dinner speaker Jon Bentley from the Gadget Show. And I won't tell you about the play casino, race-night, table magician, quiz and photo-booth. I won't tell you about any of that, no.

Instead, I'll talk about the special welcome session hosted by our MD Paul. If you want to see him he's on a 10:30 am. Register for the Open Day here.

Is Your Business Stagnating?

This year we're opening our doors like never before to our Servers Plus customers. Business IT exhibitors like Ubiquiti, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Fujitsu will feature. Servers Plus will showcase their servers iQuote tool and new Warranty Check services. Plus there'll be product workshops too.

Plenty of VARs and MSPs will be along. So if you're a retailer you can find out more about making business IT your business. And if it already is come along anyway and meet the all new Servers Plus team. Register for the Open Day here.

Smart Home: Are You Ready?

You're in the shower, the only one in the house. The back door opens…  Sound like something from a scary movie? Well, it could be but I'm asking because Smart Home devices could ‘help' with this.

Before I say can I tell you about research from Context World?  How it shows consumers are now more aware of and likely to invest in Smart Products than 12 months ago? It means Smart Products are a great business opportunity.

As for my creepy scene get along to the special Smart Home Zone at this year's Open Day and find out the answer. Steve, our IT Manager, will be there talking about how to make Smart Products smarter. And Energenie will be there showcasing their Mi|Home range. Register for the Open Day here.

Cut it Out!

There are many forms of waste, some of it more obvious than others. What matters is all waste destroys productivity. Meaning it consumes margin and strips out profit.

No business, large or small, can afford to waste money. The cost can become the entire business. Yet so many businesses tolerate not getting things right-first-time. And make things far, far harder for themselves without realising. They don't know any better.

Combating waste is an imperative. Having reliable ways to identify it a must. And deploying effective remedies to eradicate it essential. If you'd like to find out come along to the session "Cut it Out!". Learn how to spot waste and cut it out before it kills your business. Register for the Open Day here.

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