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Where Are You? (Google at our Trade Show)

Posted On - 15/07/2016 08:15:02

In 2012 Google disclosed it had found more than 30 trillion unique URLs on the web - so if yours is just one where are you?This isn't the name of some app to help find your phone. No, it's a real question.

In 2012 Google disclosed it had found more than 30 trillion (twelve zeros) unique URLs on the web. And although as many as 75% of those are just held as names, that's still leaves 7 trillion live websites!

So our question isn't as daft as it may seem. Your website is just one in a universe full of others. You're invisible - where are you?


Is having a website so obvious? Is it really so must-do? After all, web designers – the internet itself – would never say it wasn't. And anyway, if you had one wouldn't it be just lost in that sea?

Fair questions all - but try looking at things this way. It's estimated 85% of consumers search the web to find local businesses. 65% of business buyers research the web for the same. Yes, ‘local' - businesses in their vicinity. They're not looking for any old business that'll meet their needs, they want ones where they are. So while the web gives consumers huge choice, things like trust and convenience reign things in.

Suddenly those 7 trillion websites don't matter. The only ones that do are those where you are. But while the web perhaps hasn't much changed who you're competing with, it has how you go about it. If you're not on the web, where are you?

What do people want to find?

Whether you've already a website or not, imagine you're starting from scratch. You have to make some critical choices. Aside from your business name, you've can only put three other pieces of information on your site – no more.

What will you put? Products and prices? Customer ratings? Brands in stock? Mmm, not easy is it? They're all good ideas. What to do? Think about it from the customers view – remember they're searching for you. So what they want to find matters.

What does that mean? A recent study found the information most sought by prospects on websites is: address, phone number and opening hours. Sure they want the other stuff too, but these are the things most people consistently said they wanted. If you're not saying these things on your site where are you?

On the go

‘Everyone' has a mobile these days. Ofcom reported 66% adults and 90% 16-24 year olds do. But mobiles aren't phones anymore they're tablets you can also use for calls. And 2015 was the year 4G made smart-phones the top way for getting online – an average of two hours every day browsing, accessing social media, banking and shopping.

Now, this may well create you a problem. Because unless your website is ‘responsive' – one that'll adapt to what's accessing it – it'll present as designed. If that was for a monitor you've a problem on a phone. Why would anyone squint at your site when they're a click away from one they can read? If your website isn't mobile friendly where are you?

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