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Grow Your Business with Social Media

Posted on 25/08/2017

Social media used to be considered a passing fad. But things have turned out differently. Two-thirds of internet users are active on social media. And UK businesses are great at using it with their customers. Social media is here and can't be ignored

Loyalty Schemes are Bust - ShopTalk Rewards Fixes Them

Posted on 17/02/2017

Are loyalty schemes broken? After all being paid for spending has nothing to do with loyalty. Social media sentiment about them is 90% negative. So what's possessed us to launch one?

Stupid Marketing and How to Stop It

Posted on 13/01/2017

Magic and Marketing may both start with ‘M' but they've little in common. But as different as they are one helps explain something hugely important about the other. So magic isn't about tricks at all - it's about why we can't see them happening

Knowledge is Power (GfK and Context World at the 2016 Target Open Day)

Posted on 02/09/2016

Imam Ali first said "Knowledge is Power". He was talking about how knowledge commands obedience. Clearly knowing stuff mattered then. And there's no change in that today. Those businesses that know more, lead. What do you need to know?

No Customers? No Business!

Posted on 26/02/2016

"By the Book" was about the text book way to run a business. But it's a tall order, especially if you're a small. What do really healthy businesses do? It's got nothing to do with miracle products…

Chips Computers: Why Winning Makes You Better

Posted on 12/06/2015

Jenny and Phil Griffiths of Chips Computers Brimington, have been building computers for years. So perhaps it's no surprise they won ‘Best Use of PC Configurator" last year. Well, it was to them

Computer MOT Centre: The Awards Aren't About Winning

Posted on 29/05/2015

For our next 2015 National IT Reseller Awards blog we catch up with Rob Oldfield of Computer MOT Centre in Bangor. Like previous winners Rob describes winning as a real ‘ego boost.' But that's not why he entered. Like to find out why? Read on

Diamond Media: Entering the Awards is Easy

Posted on 22/05/2015

Diamond Media, double Award winners in 2013, entered and won in the 2014 Awards. Find out what possessed them to try again

SEO for Small Business

Posted on 12/12/2014

The web has its flaws but use it right and you'll benefit hugely. While we've covered off why you should be online and how to drive traffic there's more tips we'd like to share. Like some pointers to get search engines pushing you up their lists?

How to Design a Small Business Website

Posted on 05/12/2014

The last blog covered website strategy – this one covers design. But if you're thinking colours and images you are ahead of yourself. Why? Because we haven't yet factored in the key goal your website must achieve. Read this blog to find out about it

Website Strategy for Small Business

Posted on 28/11/2014

There are two ways to get business: you can hope prospects want what you offer or be exactly what they're looking for. On the web this matters. No longer can you claim you know what customers want. You have to know - precisely

The Real Reason For Small Business To Be Online

Posted on 21/11/2014

In our series "The Internet Is Broken" we set out how today's internet is flawed. But if you think we're against it because we point out its defects, think again. It's a fabulous opportunity, we just think it's different to what most think it is

How to Design Leaflets

Posted on 11/07/2014

Everyone does leafleting. But ultimate success hinges on more than mere design. Continuing our series on Marketing and Design, this blog explores these issues and presents an approach to leafleting especially relevant for IT resellers

How to Design Posters and Signs

Posted on 27/06/2014

This blog continues the series ‘Promoting Marketing'. With a clear understand of the why's and how's of marketing design, the remainder of the series gives detailed explanation of graphic design in practice. This blog looks at poster and sign design.

Best Event and Best Internal Retail Display Award Winner 2013

Posted on 16/06/2014

This is the last blog in the series on 2013 Award winners. It's been written to help entrants have the best chance of winning

ShopTalk Award: Best Marketing

Posted on 03/06/2014

‘Best Marketing' is the 8th blog written to help those considering the 2014 IT Reseller Awards. We want everyone to have the best chance of winning so created these guides to set out what each Award is about and what makes for a great entry

Best Marketing/Promotional Campaign Award Winner 2013

Posted on 03/06/2014

This is the next blog in the series on last year's Award winners. Best Marketing/Promotional Campaign Award Winner 2013 has been written to help entrants have the best chance of winning

Best Use of PR/Media Coverage Award Winner 2013

Posted on 19/05/2014

‘Best Use of PR/Media Coverage' continues the series on last year's Awards winners. These have been written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

ShopTalk Award: Best Website

Posted on 12/05/2014

The internet provides every business a ‘shop-front'. High-street retailers can amplify their marketing. B2B businesses can transform their visibility. The preference to ‘Google' means a web presence is now a must. This award is open to all businesses

Best Website Award Winner 2013

Posted on 12/05/2014

‘Best Website' is the next in the series on last year's Awards winners. These have been written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

ShopTalk Award: Best Shop Window

Posted on 06/05/2014

This next blog in the ShopTalk Awards series covers ‘Best Shop Window'. These blogs have been written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

Best Use of A-Board Award Winner 2013

Posted on 01/05/2014

This blog compliments those supporting this year's Awards. It sets out how last year's winners have fared and the impact winning has had. If you're interested in entering ‘Best External Signage/A-Board' this year this blog is for you

ShopTalk Award: Best External Signage/A-Board

Posted on 25/04/2014

This is the 3rd blog in the ShopTalk Awards series. They're written to help contestants have the best chance of winning. This award is aimed at recognising great use of External Signage and/or A Boards

ShopTalk Award: Best Event or Activity

Posted on 22/04/2014

This is the second blog is a series about the ShopTalk Awards. We're writing them to help contestants have the best chance of winning. This award is aimed at recognising great use of events or activities to promote yourselves

ShopTalk Award: Best Media Coverage

Posted on 11/04/2014

This is the first blog is a series about the ShopTalk Awards. We're writing them to help contestants have the best chance of winning. This award is aimed at recognising great positive media coverage

Profiting from Attention

Posted on 10/04/2014

This is the second blog getting intimate with design. In it we look at the use words and pictures. It takes just 2 seconds for people to decide if they like yours. So with 94% of first impressions down to ‘design' yours had better work.

Does Your Marketing Sell You?

Posted on 03/04/2014

This is the first of two blogs diving into the detail of design. In it, we cover what you must do before firing-up your design software. Because everything that ends up on your ‘page' is dictated by what you're trying to achieve

Fatally Flawed

Posted on 24/03/2014

Winning new business is about more than just getting prospects to visit. It's about getting to them to like you. Because only then are they likely to come back for more.

How to Sell Plugs

Posted on 17/03/2014

This series is about marketing. That may turn you off but it shouldn't. Business is about selling and marketing is about attracting people to buy from you. All marketing is, is communication. About having something great to say and saying it.

Take the Competition to the Cleaners

Posted on 14/03/2014

This is the last of the video workshops from the Target 2013 Open Day. But if you think that means it's just a summary think again. Because in it we show you how to take your unique competitive advantages and turn them into words and pictures.

Enemies and Ammunition: Targeting How You Sell Yourself

Posted on 04/03/2014

It may be tempting to treat every other business around you as competition and go into battle against them, all. But before you do some words of caution. If you attack another Indie all it'll start is a price war.

You Can't Win a Fight You Won't Have

Posted on 24/02/2014

The public prefers you. 80% prefer you. 90% say you're more important to the local community. 80% believe you care more about customers and service. But if the public loves you so much, why isn't there a queue outside the door

The Secret to a Remarkable Transformation

Posted on 25/11/2013

British Cycling's transformation over the last few years has been truly outstanding. And we're using it to show you how you could use the same approach to achieve extraordinary things for your business.

How to Really Generate Business Online

Posted on 21/06/2013

Is having a website a no-brainer? Out of millions yours is just one. And while there's huge traffic, the majority isn't people buying stuff. If you are to be on the internet you must be clear why. Because it's not as simple as just having a website.

How to Compete on Price | The Practicalities of Using Price in Competition

Posted on 13/06/2013

Competing on price is easy – tell everyone you're cheap! But just because that's how it seems everyone does it doesn't make it right. Price and pricing are more complex than that. So if competing on price isn't selling ‘low', what is?

How to Tell Customers to Trust and Buy from You

Posted on 07/06/2013

How can you reassure prospects you can be trusted when you'd never say you couldn't be? How can you convince them it's true before you've actually spoken to them?

Better Bricks-and-Mortar Retailing | How to Beat the Internet

Posted on 17/05/2013

Continuing my series on differentiation through the reasons customers choose you, this blog covers something unique to bricks-and-mortar. Something the internet can't compete with. Something that'll stop the Big Chains competing and transform sales

Selling After Sales: The Value of Showing You Care

Posted on 25/04/2013

Having a strong after sales offer is tremendously important. It's a way of selling value over price – selling without selling - and a great way of bringing in repeat sales and business. Because after sales says: ‘I care'

How to Sell You have Knowledge, Experience and Opinion

Posted on 28/03/2013

You can't seel these things like products and services - or can you?

10 Ways to Get Customers Backing You

Posted on 27/03/2013

Remember your first day at high school? Can you remember how unfamiliar everything was? But just as it feels odd to you, you're different to everyone that's already there. So it's not just you that feels anxious, they do too.

How to Spell L-O-C-A-L

Posted on 27/03/2013

Whilst the public wants to shop local, they don't know who you are

Get Offensive

Posted on 20/03/2013

To tackle prospects ingrained beliefs, you have to make a point of showing they're not right

Wipe the Floor with the Big Guys

Posted on 19/03/2013

The Big Guys struggle with key reasons behind why people choose to shop where they do: genuine expertise, and the fact you're a local business are two. These are what differentiate you and are the basis of how you should promote yourselves

Fight Your Corner - Introduction

Posted on 19/03/2013

This introduces Target Business Advisory Services and sets out the overall content for the day

Are You a One Trick Pony? | Why Promoting Range is Key to Consideration

Posted on 08/03/2013

Range. It's important to customers. Key to why they consider you. It defines what you do and becomes what you'll be known for. What people expect and even assume you do. So how well are you "selling" yours?

21 Tips to Increase Your Convenience

Posted on 01/03/2013

Like price, location is important. But it's rarely the defining factor why people use you. If you let people think you inconvenient, they will. But if you make the effort to be easily found, easy to find, easy to visit and easy to use, you will make

Selling Convenience

Posted on 01/03/2013

Convenience is more than just about where you are. It's about how easy you are to visit

Location, Location, Location: Convenience is More Than Just Where You Are

Posted on 22/02/2013

Time is precious and consumers want more of it for them. Love it or hate it consumer shopping behaviour and many consumer shopping choices are driven by straightforward convenience. But what does that really mean?

What is PR Worth? | How to Estimate the Real Value of Media Coverage

Posted on 15/02/2013

Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) misses the point. This blog shows you why

Reassuringly Expensive | Ensure Your Marketing Mix Adds-Up

Posted on 07/02/2013

This blog discusses how getting everyday parts of your marketing mix out of balance is losing you business

The Real Extra Mile | Turning Intentions into Competitive Advantage

Posted on 01/02/2013

"We go the extra mile." It's a phrase we've often heard used to explain how Indies win new business. How word-of-mouth brings in new customers. And sure, doing great work keeps customers coming back. But it's also what's expected of you

Consider Yourself | Use Your Natural Competitive Advantages to Win Business

Posted on 25/01/2013

This blog is about consumer choice and how to be more attractive to prospects. It's about things you already have but many of you don't sell too well. It's about what you need to flaunt and how to get better at it. Want to find out more?

How to Sell Yourself, Your Worth and Value

Posted on 10/01/2013

It's not how cheap you are, it's how good that defines you. As an IT Retailer or Reseller you need to understand what consumer choice is, how it works and how you can influence it. This blog shows you how to sell your value

Consumer Choice | Understanding Consideration

Posted on 02/01/2013

Consumers choose to shop where they do for many reasons. The trick is to understand the real reasons and sell yourself on them

Get Price into Proportion | How Price Impacts Image

Posted on 02/01/2013

Price always matters but its sole use in promotions will destroy you. Plus it contradicts what prospects need reassurance on before they'll switch. Price doesn't differentiate you: how good you are does. But how can you strike the right balance?

Make Money out of Talking | Generate Business by Speaking about what You Know

Posted on 05/12/2012

Without doubt there's nothing like this to consolidate your position in your community as a person of merit and trustworthiness. Someone who's worth knowing and who knows about his stuff. Read this blog to find out more

You Can't Win a Fight You Won't Have: Part 1

Posted on 07/09/2012

It doesn't matter how much you gloat over the Big Guys messing up, unless you actually point out you're better, they're all that's being heard

Winning New Business | How to Exploit Your USPs

Posted on 06/09/2012

Since the start of July we've discussed the scale of the business that's right on your doorstep through to how to best "sell" yourself to that market. So, 11 blogs later what will you actually do?

15 Things You Didn't Know About Business Networking

Posted on 24/08/2012

Love it or hate it, its how business will always be done. You need to be good at it

How to Get FREE Publicity in the Media

Posted on 16/08/2012

Want to get 10,000's of people talking about you? Use the media. It's easier than you think.

Special Offer: 10% Off Trustworthiness | The Limitations of Discounts and Deals

Posted on 10/08/2012

How to market you, what you stand for and your brand

Are You Getting Your Fair Share? | It's YOUR Locality: Make the Most of It

Posted on 10/08/2012

Get your fair share of the business that's all around you

Big It Up | 5 Ways to Make Your Business Apprear Larger

Posted on 10/08/2012

Ever lost a job because the customer's "worried" you're a small business? Do these things and build their confidence

This is How To… | Generate Business by Speaking about what You Know

Posted on 26/07/2012

Expertise: a major reason customers use you. Win more business by giving prospects a glimpse of what you know

Do You Have 5? | 8 Unexpected Ways Running Surveys Promotes You

Posted on 23/07/2012

Surveys: possibly the most powerful way there is to promote your business

The World on Your Doorstep | Turn Passing Footfall into Visitors

Posted on 18/07/2012

There's a saying that the best place to hide something is in the most obvious place. Could you be missing out on potential business?

Be a Good Citizen | How Benevolent Acts Market You Better Than Adverts Ever Can

Posted on 11/07/2012

"Do good things and good things will come to you." Myth or reality?

Dominate Your World | How to Estimate the Commercial Value of Your Locality

Posted on 29/06/2012

Ever worked out the value of the business on your doorstep?

Is PR Only For Big Business with Huge Budgets?

Posted on 02/04/2012

Garry Stonehouse of GBiz IT shares his experiences of getting into local and regional media

Treat Your Shop Like a Business

Posted on 23/03/2012

It's all about what you tell people and especially how you tell them

Are You Making the Most of What You've Got? | How to Drive Word-of-Mouth

Posted on 16/03/2012

You may be the best indie IT retailer in your town, the UK, the world. Problem is, if know one knows about it you will struggle

You're Brilliant: Do Your Customers Know It? | Understanding Competitive Advantage

Posted on 01/03/2012

You've got a great business and you always go that extra mile with your customers. Learn ways to tell them HOW good you are

15 Ways to Win New Customers on a Small Budget

Posted on 06/08/2011

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but how can you attract new customers with limited, or no, budget?

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