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The Real PC Gaming Market

Posted on 08/12/2017

The market for PC gaming machines. Isn't it full of super gamers who know as much – maybe even more than – you do about building PCs? Well sure, super gamers exist. But they don't take up anywhere near as much of the market as you think

Smart Home Step 8: Router Vulnerability

Posted on 24/11/2017

Two months ago I set out to help you decide whether to make Smart Home your business. Ten posts later I've been through setting up a Smart Plug to telling Alexa to print your spares list. It's a great business opportunity. But it's not over yet...

Using Geofencing for Smart Home: Step 7

Posted on 17/11/2017

Telling your Smart Home what to do with voice activation is great. But what if you could use it to track how much time you're spending on site visits?

Advanced Voice Activation: Smart Home Step 6

Posted on 10/11/2017

There's no doubt voice activation transforms Smart Home. Being able to say what you want and it happens is so much easier, quicker and simple than fiddling with your mobile. Great, but things can be even better. If you'd like to know how, read on…

Smart Home Step 5: "Anyone Home?"

Posted on 03/11/2017

In the second half of 2016 sales of Smart LED Bulbs jumped 250%. It coincided with the launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Voice Activation is a game changer when it comes to Smart Home. Interested to learn more? Read on...

Using Smart Home Devices to Create Data (Step 4)

Posted on 27/10/2017

Smart products are as useful in business as in the home. My blogs "Virtually Home" and "Automation" made these very points. In this blog I'll be doing the same. Except instead of automating and controlling things we'll be collecting information

Automation - Smart Home Step 3

Posted on 20/10/2017

"Smart Home Step 2" covered basic stuff but demonstrated how something simple could improve the security of your business. This blog introduces automation. Like to learn how to make the lights in your shop window change as shoppers pass? Read on…

Smart Home: A New Revenue Opportunity

Posted on 13/10/2017

Smart Home isn't new. It's just now no longer the preserve of the rich and we believe Smart Home is a huge opportunity for small IT businesses. So much so we invited Adam Smith from Energenie to talk about the market and how to make it your business

Smart Home Step 2: Virtually Home

Posted on 13/10/2017

Smart Home presents huge potential. But there are some basics to learn. Set up the most simple of Smart products – a plug – and you can achieve amazing things. Like improving the security of your home, office and workplace

Step One with Smart Home

Posted on 22/09/2017

How do you make a home Smart? There are all sorts of genuinely useful things possible with Smart Home. It's just how can you find out what they are? How can you make them happen? It's easier than you think: just take the first step…

How to Sell at Higher Margins than Your Competitors

Posted on 11/08/2017

How you respond to low priced competition will define whether you succeed or fail. Despite what you may think, the answer isn't lowering prices. It could mean raising them. If you'd like to find out more and how to sell at higher margins read on…

Smart Home: Are You Ready?

Posted on 28/07/2017

It's one thing to serve everyone where you are. It's another to help them all save money, improve safety & security, and make lives easier. But by using Smart Products, you can. Once Smart just meant remote-control. No more

Is Your Business Stagnating?

Posted on 21/07/2017

You're out to do your best. Every day you do great work, delight customers and go-the-extra-mile. But could you be in trouble? Contentment soon turns to complacency. And before you know it your business is stagnating…

Practical Price Setting

Posted on 19/05/2017

Price setting is difficult: customers have to feel they've got value and you need to make a decent living. The problem is finding the spot where everyone's happy. That's where our unique survey can help. Welcome to the Retail Price Comparison

Will Virtual Become Reality?

Posted on 03/02/2017

There's a lot of talk about VR. Many think now's the time it'll get legs - really start becoming something. So what's happening? What's news? Like to find out? You're in the right place

You've Options with That

Posted on 02/10/2015

"Instant Profit" is about making more money from the very next customer you serve. Building on last week's call to raise prices, this week we turn our attention to selling, and the key phrase that'll transform how good you are…

Put Prices Up - NOW!

Posted on 25/09/2015

You're going to make more money from the next customer you serve by putting up prices. In this, the first blog from our 2015 Open Day session "Instant Profit", we tackle why you can and should charge more

How to Make More Money – Instantly

Posted on 18/09/2015

With the web, eBay, PCW… it's hard to make a living. Now, when we plan the Open Day we aim to do workshops that'll help you. So this year we put on "Instant Profit" designed to make making more money easier. This is the 1st blog from the workshop

Premier Computers: Seven into Two Goes Fine

Posted on 26/06/2015

Before we round up next week on the 2015 Awards we catch up with Chris Loader of Premier Computers. Chris entered the Awards because he felt proud of his new shop. What he didn't bank on was the reaction he got. To find out more, read the blog

CAAOS Computers: The RPC – Finished but Not Over

Posted on 19/06/2015

The Price Comparison is over and we're not about to drone on about it. But there are a couple of things that might interest you. Want to learn how to hone your instincts for a good price? And want to know more about the upcoming RPC webinars? Read on

The Computer Doctor: Can I Do The RPC Again?

Posted on 05/06/2015

While the 2015 RPC is NOW CLOSED for registrations, the question is will it be worth it for those who took part? Well, Gary McEwing of The Computer Doctor thinks so – he'd do it every quarter if he could. Like to find out why he's a fan? Read on

DC Computers on 'Givers Gain'

Posted on 08/05/2015

With the 2015 Retail Price Comparison NOW OPEN we're continuing our blogs with Darren Chapman of DC Computers in Swindon. Did he think taking part in 2014 worth it? Well, read this and find out. And then decide if you'd like to take part

Cobweb Computers Finds Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Posted on 24/04/2015

The 2015 Retail Price Comparison starts in May – join us as we caught up with David Marchant of Cobweb Computers Manchester, to ask him whether taking part in 2014 was worth it. And decide for yourselves whether you'd like to be part of it this year

Shop Talk Award: Best Use of PC Configurator

Posted on 16/06/2014

This is a new Award for 2014, included because building PC's to order is a service that defines you. A genuine source of competitive advantage ideal for your range. Read this blog to learn what makes for a great Award entry

The True Cost of Bad Pricing

Posted on 14/02/2014

This blog workshop rounds up the series ‘TOD'13: Price Competition and How to Do It'. In it we focus especially on bad pricing. Because, while it's unlikely anyone would disagree that bad pricing is bad for business, what is bad and how bad is bad?

How To Become Internet Proof

Posted on 28/01/2014

This workshop video continues our series on Price Competition and takes a close look at a special case: the internet. The internet deserves special attention because it's so price aggressive. So much so, you likely feel you can't compete with it.

The Right Way to Compete on Price

Posted on 21/01/2014

Our last workshop blog set out the rules of price. And whilst it's important to know them, knowledge won't win you the game. For that you have to play. That's what this video is all about.

Price Competition and How to Do It WELL

Posted on 15/01/2014

Price competition is a game. It's played between you and your competitors. The prize is peoples trust and customer. So it's a game you have don't just have to learn, you need to get good at it.

Price Competition and How to Do It

Posted on 09/01/2014

There's an adage about price that goes like this: ‘we do three types of service: good, cheap, and fast. You can pick any two.'

How to Use the RPC (Retail Price Comparison) to Set Prices

Posted on 07/11/2013

To reap the rewards of taking part in the RPC we'd strongly suggest you go through it systematically looking for opportunities to raise prices. And to help you do that, we've set out an approach in this video.

Why Every Retailer Should Take Part in The RPC (Retail Price Comparison)

Posted on 05/11/2013

What really makes the RPC is how it helps IT Retailers set prices. More, how it points you towards the price that'll maximise your profits.

The Second Retail Price Comparison and What it Found

Posted on 29/10/2013

That raising prices is low risk has been reinforced by the second Comparison. It supports the relationship between price and sales as being virtually flat within sensible limits

The Secret to Setting Prices

Posted on 23/10/2013

Getting prices right is at the very core of business. Get it wrong and you'll scare off customers. Get it right and they'll not just be happy, you'll maximise profits too. But how do you find the right price? Indeed, what does right mean?

Welcome and Introduction to the RPC (Retail Price Comparison) Workshop

Posted on 18/10/2013

Introduction session accompanying the Target Retail Price Comparison workshop

Why We Do the RPC and What's Really In It For You

Posted on 18/10/2013

Why do we bother staging the RPC? What makes us feel obliged to do it? And why should you take part?

Accessing and Downloading Your Individual RPC Report

Posted on 18/10/2013

Your individual RPC report is a spread-sheet full of data. We won't hold it long term so you need to download and save it locally

What's In Your Report - Description of Tabs and Content in the RPC

Posted on 18/10/2013

RPC participants receive a detailed report containing several thousand data items. This video explains how the report is structured

How to Consider Price Changes - Using the RPC to Set Prices

Posted on 18/10/2013

This blog goes through three worked examples and shows you how to use the Comparison to set prices

How to Make Price Changes - Implementing Changes from the RPC

Posted on 18/10/2013

It's one thing to work out what you think your prices should be, it's another to change them successfully

The RPC Workshop is Now Online

Posted on 17/10/2013

If you took part in the Retail Price Comparison but couldn't make the workshop at Castleford, you can now see it online

Formulating Price Competition Strategy - Part 2

Posted on 11/10/2013

Price Competition is more than numbers on tags. People pay more for what's better: less for what's worse. Part 1 of this blog examined why some competitors matter more and how to improve your business. Price setting was saved for Part 2

Formulating Price Competition Strategy - Part 1

Posted on 10/10/2013

‘Everyone's competition'. Really? People shop where their money buys the value they want. So lumping everything together isn't right. Strategy is about how you'll respond to competitors. Want one that's reliable? Focus on what matters.

Finding Profit Opportunities

Posted on 26/09/2013

Some competitors are more expensive than you, some cheaper. So create price advantage against one and you'll create disadvantage against another. But thinking like this is simplistic, there's more to pricing than your rreputation with customers

Mapping Competitive Position

Posted on 08/08/2013

Does a low price mean good value or bad quality? If you believe something is better you'd expect it to cost more. And the better it becomes the less price matters. Competing on price is more than contending on cost, it's all about value

How to Mystery Shop

Posted on 26/07/2013

There comes a point when what you need to know about your competitors can't be found from their website, adverts or shop window. When this happens you need to mystery shop them. This blog uses an example to show you how to do it.

How to Gather Competitor Intelligence

Posted on 22/07/2013

Being price competitive is essential. Yet competing on price alone will damage you. The answer lies in having a coherent Strategy for Price Competition built on sound competitive intelligence.

Sizing Up Your Competition

Posted on 10/07/2013

Strategy: it's about how you'll respond to the opportunities and threats your competitors pose you. But what do you need to know about who?

A Strategy for Price Competition

Posted on 05/07/2013

Two weeks ago I promised you ‘A Strategy for Price Competition'. I didn't deliver. Why? Because it took longer than expected to create 8 plausible competitors and formulate a strategy you'd feel realistic and genuine.

Target Retail Price Comparison Results Presentation

Posted on 20/03/2013

We surveyed over 100 customers across the top 60 lines you buy from us and proved what we suspected but you were naturally hesitant to believe. That you have material price advantage over the Big Guys

Shattering The Price Myth

Posted on 19/03/2013

Price isn't everything. People choose to shop where they do for many reasons: being able to touch-and-feel, talk to an expert, shop locally and plain convenience are a few. Price is always important but rarely the deal breaker

Services Pricing Survey | Have Your Say for Spring 2013

Posted on 17/01/2013

Back in October 2012 we completed the first Target Retail Price Comparison (RPC). Find our what's happening with the next

The Pied Piper of IT | How to Attract Customers Without Trying

Posted on 11/01/2013

Customers view repairs as nothing but a cost and only call when things go wrong. But you can change this

It's Cheaper on the Internet | How to Compete with the Internet

Posted on 19/12/2012

Do a search and you'll find new laptops at less than you can do. Can you compete? The answer is most certainly yes

Instant Profit | Why it's Easier to Raise than Lower Prices

Posted on 17/12/2012

Discounting to promote on price may appear attractive to win business. But it's not a tactic to use lightly - it has some serious 'con's'

The Target Retail Price Comparison Results (2012)

Posted on 23/11/2012

Find out about our Retail Price Comparison - an exclusive service to Target Customers

Don't Start: You've Been Handed a HUGE Opportunity

Posted on 19/11/2012

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is a HUGE opportunity. But it's not through selling the software.

Making FREE Estimates Pay | How to Sell Services

Posted on 29/10/2012

Obligatory part of being competitive or uncontrollable drain on profits? Certainly FREE estimates can easily be both of these things. But is it possible to still offer them AND make them pay? A forward thinking IT retailer in Liverpool has done just

I Can Get It Cheaper Elsewhere | Dealing with Price Objections

Posted on 26/10/2012

To deal with price objections you need to understand them. In this blog we discuss how to deal with being told something's cheaper elsewhere

That's Too Expensive! | Dealing with Price Objections

Posted on 22/10/2012

To deal with price objections you need to understand them. In this blog we discuss how to deal with being accused of being over priced

It's a Mystery | How to Set Prices

Posted on 11/10/2012

Mystery Shopping: the way to keep your offer relevant and your pricing right

Rounding Up | Use Price Correctly - It Matters

Posted on 02/10/2012

Everyone wants – indeed deserves – to get good value. Price matters and always will. But this is the issue: price versus value. And if customers don't get the value of what you're selling whose fault is that?

I Can't Compete! | 25 Must-Knows About Price: Part 3

Posted on 22/09/2012

Still not convinced you can't compete on price? This concludes the 25

I Can't Compete! | 25 Must-Knows About Price: Part 2

Posted on 14/09/2012

Still not convinced you can't compete on price? Here's another 10 reasons

I Can't Compete! | 25 Must-Knows About Price: Part 1

Posted on 03/09/2012

If you're thinking you can't compete on price, you're wrong. You're so very wrong.

The Price is Right?

Posted on 03/09/2012

Find the right price for you and never worry about a price objection again.

Become a YES! Man | The Advantages of Holding Virtual Stock

Posted on 25/05/2012

Stock virtually everything and you'll never say "No" to anyone who walks into your business again

Become THE PLACE To Go | Don't Just Do Repairs: Supply Everyday IT Needs

Posted on 17/05/2012

Get customers and passers-by thinking "I'll go there. They'll have it" and you'll be a successful retailer.

Taking Stock | What You Stock Defines Who You Are

Posted on 11/05/2012

Having a strong theme to what you stock will define your reputation. The question is, what reputation do you want?

Competing With The Big Guys On Price – Part 2

Posted on 19/07/2011

Part 1 dealt with some truths about pricing. In Part 2, we put some of those truths into practice

Competing With The Big Guys On Price – Part 1

Posted on 19/07/2011

There's a few truths about pricing it's important to understand...

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