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PC Gaming

Last Update: 13:35, Dec 8th, '17

Series devoted to discussing PC Gaming and the market opportunity for small independent resellers

3 Articles
1. The Key to Better Retailing: Gaming PCs (Blog)Click to Read

The defining skill in IT Retail has nothing to do with selling, fixing or building computers. Because the biggest issue you face is foot-fall. Could selling gaming PCs help? Read on and find out…

2. Why People Buy Desktop PCs (Blog)Click to Read

You'll have heard lots about gaming. That's because it's huge! In 2017 digital game sales were £3.2Bn! But what's this got to do with you? Well, just ask yourself, why does anyone these days buy a desktop PC?

3. The Real PC Gaming Market (Blog)Click to Read

The market for PC gaming machines. Isn't it full of super gamers who know as much – maybe even more than – you do about building PCs? Well sure, super gamers exist. But they don't take up anywhere near as much of the market as you think

TOD'17: Workshops

Last Update: 15:32, Oct 4th, '17

Series containing the workshops recorded at the 2017 Target Open Day

2 Articles
1. Smart Home: A New Revenue Opportunity (Workshop)Click to Read

Smart Home isn't new. It's just now no longer the preserve of the rich and we believe Smart Home is a huge opportunity for small IT businesses. So much so we invited Adam Smith from Energenie to talk about the market and how to make it your business

2. The Market for Smart Home and Other Stuff (Workshop)Click to Read

Carl West of GfK's becoming a regular feature at the Target Open Day. His specialty is helping retailers, resellers, distributors and system integrators be more profitable. Who better to come talk at the Open Day?

Smart Home, Office and Workplace

Last Update: 16:48, Sep 21st, '17

Blog series devoted to all things Smart

9 Articles
1. Smart Home Step 8: Router Vulnerability (Blog)Click to Read

Two months ago I set out to help you decide whether to make Smart Home your business. Ten posts later I've been through setting up a Smart Plug to telling Alexa to print your spares list. It's a great business opportunity. But it's not over yet...

2. Using Geofencing for Smart Home: Step 7 (Blog)Click to Read

Telling your Smart Home what to do with voice activation is great. But what if you could use it to track how much time you're spending on site visits?

3. Advanced Voice Activation: Smart Home Step 6 (Blog)Click to Read

There's no doubt voice activation transforms Smart Home. Being able to say what you want and it happens is so much easier, quicker and simple than fiddling with your mobile. Great, but things can be even better. If you'd like to know how, read on…

4. Smart Home Step 5: "Anyone Home?" (Blog)Click to Read

In the second half of 2016 sales of Smart LED Bulbs jumped 250%. It coincided with the launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Voice Activation is a game changer when it comes to Smart Home. Interested to learn more? Read on...

5. Using Smart Home Devices to Create Data (Step 4) (Blog)Click to Read

Smart products are as useful in business as in the home. My blogs "Virtually Home" and "Automation" made these very points. In this blog I'll be doing the same. Except instead of automating and controlling things we'll be collecting information

6. Automation - Smart Home Step 3 (Blog)Click to Read

"Smart Home Step 2" covered basic stuff but demonstrated how something simple could improve the security of your business. This blog introduces automation. Like to learn how to make the lights in your shop window change as shoppers pass? Read on…

7. Smart Home Step 2: Virtually Home (Blog)Click to Read

Smart Home presents huge potential. But there are some basics to learn. Set up the most simple of Smart products – a plug – and you can achieve amazing things. Like improving the security of your home, office and workplace

8. Everything You Need to Know About Smart Home (Blog)Click to Read

We're getting that much interest in Smart Home we're blogging about it. In "Smart Home, Office and Workplace" I'm helping you understand things better. Plus I'll hint at some of the really cute ways Smart can help you, your business and customers

9. Step One with Smart Home (Blog)Click to Read

How do you make a home Smart? There are all sorts of genuinely useful things possible with Smart Home. It's just how can you find out what they are? How can you make them happen? It's easier than you think: just take the first step…

TOD'17 Topics and Speakers

Last Update: 14:22, Jul 19th, '17

Sets out the line of of topics and speakers for the 2017 Open Day

8 Articles
1. We're Ready, Are You? (Blog)Click to Read

So, our 10th annual Open Day is upon us. In just 5 days it kicks-off. We've been planning it since last October. We've spent the last year getting ready for the day. Are you ready for it too?

2. Do the Right Thing (Blog)Click to Read

At face value Target's business is like any other. But when you look harder distribution is actually very different. Because with no products disties have little to distinguish themselves from each other. And that's why Target created ShopTalk

3. Grow Your Business with Social Media (Blog)Click to Read

Social media used to be considered a passing fad. But things have turned out differently. Two-thirds of internet users are active on social media. And UK businesses are great at using it with their customers. Social media is here and can't be ignored

4. Next Generation Tech (Blog)Click to Read

The UK is facing a skills shortage. What's startling is it's the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) ones that are suffering. But you can help. Read on for more...

5. How to Sell at Higher Margins than Your Competitors (Blog)Click to Read

How you respond to low priced competition will define whether you succeed or fail. Despite what you may think, the answer isn't lowering prices. It could mean raising them. If you'd like to find out more and how to sell at higher margins read on…

6. Cut It Out! (Blog)Click to Read

While defective products can be replaced, defective services leave a bad experience. Both destroy productivity and damage reputations. You'll only confront loss by understanding its causes and eradicating it. How? Come to the Open Day and see "Cut It

7. Smart Home: Are You Ready? (Blog)Click to Read

It's one thing to serve everyone where you are. It's another to help them all save money, improve safety & security, and make lives easier. But by using Smart Products, you can. Once Smart just meant remote-control. No more

8. Is Your Business Stagnating? (Blog)Click to Read

You're out to do your best. Every day you do great work, delight customers and go-the-extra-mile. But could you be in trouble? Contentment soon turns to complacency. And before you know it your business is stagnating…

In-Store PC Builder

Last Update: 12:06, Mar 16th, '17

Posts related to the In-Store PC Builder

5 Articles
1. The Secret to Buying an Awesome High-Performance PC (Blog)Click to Read

Why do you shop where you do? Price? Range? Service? What? Well, would you believe me if I said what matters most is trust? Understanding this is key. Because once you do you'll know not just how to buy high-specPCs, you'll know where to buy them

2. The In-Store PC Builder: The Configurator of Choice for PC Professionals (Blog)Click to Read

Five weeks ago I started a blog with an apology - I was going to be shamelessly un-impartial. Five weeks on I've set out why it's the PC configurator of choice for over 900 expert trade PC builders like you…

3. Inside the In-Store PC Builder (Blog)Click to Read

In last week's "How to Use a PC Configurator" we set out why and how the In-Store PC Builder's for using when advising customers in person, face-to-face. But is that it? Not at all - it comes with all sorts of nifty extras. Read on…

4. How to Use a PC Configurator (Blog)Click to Read

Ecommerce spawned PC configurators – web software making it possible for anyone to build a computer. Configurators exist to eliminate you. So why if we only serve the trade do we think they're a good idea?!

5. Built by Experts for PC Professionals (Blog)Click to Read

We're going to start with an apology. We're going to break ShopTalk's impartiality rule. We really need to be decidedly un-impartial about something. About a free service Target offers and why you really should use it

ShopTalk Rewards

Last Update: 14:59, Mar 8th, '17

Contains all blogs about our rewards/loyalty scheme

4 Articles
1. How To Get The Right Business Insurance Cover at a Competitive Price (Blog)Click to Read

Business insurance costs. But you can save hopping on a price comparison site and job done. Not necessarily. 90% of businesses are underinsured. To help avoid it ShopTalk Rewards partnered with Henderson Insurance Brokers, specialists in the IT trade

2. How to Make Your Business Fly - Join FSB, get £80 account credit (Blog)Click to Read

As a small IT business owner you've many hats to wear. Customer service. HR. Accounts. Compliance… Then there's the cost! Especially solicitors. No-wonder you get stressed! But there is help. And we'll pay you £80 to take it

3. Loyalty Schemes are Bust - ShopTalk Rewards Fixes Them (Blog)Click to Read

Are loyalty schemes broken? After all being paid for spending has nothing to do with loyalty. Social media sentiment about them is 90% negative. So what's possessed us to launch one?

4. Target Components Sponsors IT Apprenticeships with £720 account credit (Blog)Click to Read

Launched 1st February 2017 "ShopTalk Rewards" redefines how loyalty schemes work. Because it's a programme that doesn't reward you for spending. But a programme that recognises your efforts to build a better business. Like to learn more, read on…

TOD'16 How to Create a Business Worth Buying

Last Update: 10:51, Oct 7th, '16

Sets out the content from all adviser and ShopTalk presentations at the 2016 Target Open Day

16 Articles
1. How to Find the Perfect Apprentice (Workshop)Click to Read

Recruitment mistakes can cost as much as 13 times pay. Don't make poor recruiting decisions – find the perfect hire. Find an apprentice…

2. Will Virtual Become Reality? (Workshop)Click to Read

There's a lot of talk about VR. Many think now's the time it'll get legs - really start becoming something. So what's happening? What's news? Like to find out? You're in the right place

3. The Secret to Winning Bids (Workshop)Click to Read

Bids, quotations and proposals. Tools of business development. Documents that serve a purpose – so buyers to compare you and choose. Tendering for work is competitive, it's taking a chance. Just make sure you've the best chance of winning possible

4. Stupid Marketing and How to Stop It (Workshop)Click to Read

Magic and Marketing may both start with ‘M' but they've little in common. But as different as they are one helps explain something hugely important about the other. So magic isn't about tricks at all - it's about why we can't see them happening

5. Why 5S Isn't What It's Cracked-Up To Be (Workshop)Click to Read

If you're an IT SME into hardware your workshop is somewhere you love spending time. You love this job! But if you've ever mislaid tools or parts, you've no small problem. Sure, you may be brilliant with computers but boy, are you in a mess

6. 9 Top-Secrets: How to Sell Your Business for More than it's Worth (Blog)Click to Read

Is this some dodgy post about tricking buyers into paying over-the-odds? No, this post does what it says. If you understand what buyers will pay for and how to make them pay more, you've got the secret

7. The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions (Workshop)Click to Read

"A presentation from the ‘Division Director of Pensions'? That's going to be as dull as ditch-water." Funny and bluntly honest, it was anything but. Want to understand what an expert had to say for business owners like you? Read on…

8. The Best Way to Sell-Up: Don't Use an Accountant (Blog)Click to Read

Seven weeks on and we're still writing about "How to Create a Business Worth Buying". Why? Not to get you to sell or teach you how. It's because your business has to be more than a pay-check, it has to be your nest-egg

9. Don't Be An Idiot Selling Your Business (Blog)Click to Read

With a title like this we could have written about anything. But instead we're going to focus on the one thing that as hard as it is to do, is also the one thing that'll ruin your chances of selling in a flash. What it is? Read on…

10. Bank Statements: Weapons of Mass Destruction (Blog)Click to Read

"How to Create a Business Worth Buying" hasn't been written to make a bigger point – though it seems to be trying. Turns out best practices have worth for buyers. So what's this week? Making your business cash-generative

11. Negotiating Business Sale: What's Your Exit? (Blog)Click to Read

Even if exit's not your plan it still makes sense to make your business sale-ready. Continuing our series on building business value this week we turn to something much closer to home – YOU

12. Looking to Sell Your Business? Then Don't Obsess About its Turnover (Blog)Click to Read

Aiming to create a business worth buying pleases lenders, suppliers and customers. ‘Preparing' for sale makes sense even if selling's not your plan now. This week we look at the role growth plays in the value of business

13. Can't Read Management Accounts? You're Not Fit to Run Your Business (Blog)Click to Read

We've looked at how good customer data and dependable income pushes up the price of your business. But are there more things that'll pile on the value? Turns out there are. That's what this post is all about

14. Get Top Dollar for Your Business: Ignore Sales and Profitability (Blog)Click to Read

Don't assume others will prize your business. To make it worth paying for it has to be attractive. Last week we discussed customer data, this we turn to knowing how customers spend and what they will

15. Selling Your Business: Are Your Customers Worth Squat? (Blog)Click to Read

Your business isn't worth anything like what you think. Don't sit back in the hope yours business is worth something. Join us and learn how to make your customer base worth having

16. Open Day 2016 - What Comes Next? (Blog)Click to Read

The 2016 Open Day is over. If you didn't or couldn't make it that's a shame – we're told it was the best yet. This year's Open Day set a new bar for Adviser Presentations and we want to make sure everyone gets to benefit from that

TOD'16 Topics and Speakers

Last Update: 10:15, Jun 24th, '16

Series describes the focus of the different sessions and introduces the speakers for the day

11 Articles
1. Build a Better Business (2016 Target Trade Show Guest Speaker Programme) (Blog)Click to Read

The education system is failing employers. The skills gap is a big issue not just the UK but the rest of Europe and US. We can't solve it, but we can help you. ShopTalk was founded to help you build a better business. Like to find out more?

2. Knowledge is Power (GfK and Context World at the 2016 Target Open Day) (Blog)Click to Read

Imam Ali first said "Knowledge is Power". He was talking about how knowledge commands obedience. Clearly knowing stuff mattered then. And there's no change in that today. Those businesses that know more, lead. What do you need to know?

3. Double Sided Tape (Ramsdens Solicitors LLP at the Target 2016 Open Day) (Blog)Click to Read

Making money in the IT Trade; making a turn on selling everything from inks to laptops, fixing screens to maintenance contracts, custom builds to rooting out malware. Whatever you do, you're doing it to make a margin. What's the problem with that?

4. When Perfect is Good (Baltic Training at the 2016 Target Trade Show) (Blog)Click to Read

"Perfection is the enemy of good" is a saying about how chasing faultless excellence ends with nothing getting done. But could there be times when it's the right thing to do? Well, Steve Jobs had some things to say on this. Like to know what he said?

5. Going, Going, Gone (Bid Perfect at the 2016 Target Trade Show) (Blog)Click to Read

Auctions work by presenting stuff for offers and selling to the highest bidder. It's a tested method thousands of years old. But how would a business auction the chance to pay you? And how would you go about bidding for that? Read on…

6. More Out Less In (Productivity Leaders at the Target Open Day) (Blog)Click to Read

What's the difference between efficiency and effectiveness? One's about doing things right and the other's about doing the right things? Whatever, one thing's certain: productivity matters …

7. Set Your Stall Right (Amazon at the 2016 Target Trade Show) (Blog)Click to Read

78% of adult Brits surf the internet almost every day with 61% of them on social and 78% buying stuff. More WiFi hotspots and 4G means these will only go up. If you were online you could sell to all that. You just need to set your stall right

8. Testament to Endorsement (KitGuru at the 2016 Target Open Day) (Blog)Click to Read

Which is more believable? You telling a customer you're great or someone else? Quite. Of course some will think you got a friend to say it so they don't work for everyone. But what if there were a way to get credible endorsements?

9. Where Are You? (Google at our Trade Show) (Blog)Click to Read

In 2012 Google disclosed it had found more than 30 trillion unique URLs. And while up to 75% of those are just held as names, that's still leaves 22 trillion live websites. Yours is just one in a universe full of others. Where are you?

10. How to Bargain with Hagglers (Blog)Click to Read

Everyone's experienced hagglers. You know how it feels dropping your price. Tiresome on a USB drive imagine how upsetting it'd be if no-one would pay what you wanted for your business. But there are ways to deal with this…

11. How Much Do You Need? Kryten is Coming! (Blog)Click to Read

Why are you in business? What are your goals? What's the end-game? Big questions but ones you could answer "to make a living." But how much do you need? Easy to say, hard to answer. So we've a special workshop on it at the 2016 Open Day

Nothing Happens by Chance

Last Update: 17:23, May 19th, '16

Are you lucky? Or does it seem to pass you by? Is luck fluke or fate or is it something else? It turns out you can be more lucky and that’s what this series of blogs – “Nothing Happens by Chance” is all about…

6 Articles
1. Be Lucky (Blog)Click to Read

Luck might seem something mysterious and down to chance but it's not. You can be more lucky if you can break certain habits and think differently. If you want greener grass, you can get it. This blog series tells you how

2. Start Getting Lucky (Blog)Click to Read

So luck's down to a certain state of mind is it? Resilience. Intuition. Problems as cue's to learn. That it? Can we go now? No. Getting lucky isn't just about attitude. It's about behaviour too. Like to find out more?

3. Preparing to Be Lucky (Blog)Click to Read

Tend to explain things away or duck problems? If so chances are you're unlucky. Don't like that? That's irony! But seriously, luck is down to you. Problem is if you're ‘negative' you'll find this tough. Want to find out why and what you can do?

4. Only You Can Be Lucky (Blog)Click to Read

Last week's blog talked about generalisations. About how unlucky people tend to use them and lucky don't. But if you think this is the way lucky people duck things think again. Because they think about responsibility. Why does this matter? Read on…

5. Luck Doesn't Happen By Chance (Blog)Click to Read

A customer says "Brilliant, thanks for fixing my computer". Do you think "Thank you, I worked for that", or "Yikes! Am I on a lucky streak?"? Like to know why your answer matters? Read on…

6. The Grass Is Always Greener (Blog)Click to Read

Are you lucky? Or does it seem to pass you by? Is luck fluke or fate or is it something else? It turns out you can be more lucky and that's what this series of blogs – "Nothing Happens by Chance" is all about…

Advanced Time Management

Last Update: 07:46, Mar 18th, '16

This series delves into perhaps the most important influence on how we use time: our minds. Mental energy and our capacity to think objectively are areas most advice on time management misses. We've got it here...

7 Articles
1. Working Your Workspace (Blog)Click to Read

What's your office, workshop, shop, garage like to work in? Great time management isn't just about how good you are, it's about how good you are. And that's down to your surroundings as much as anything else

2. Dirk Gently and Time Management (Blog)Click to Read

Dirk Gently and the "fundamental interconnectedness of all things" has quite a lot to do with time management. Because your mind and body are connected - a lot. So if you think you can get better at managing time by just using your head, think again

3. Day-Dreaming Boosts Productivity (Blog)Click to Read

Who hasn't found themselves day-dreaming? A wandering mind is common enough, but it's a no-no. If you've slipped away, your productivity's shot and your time management's in the dog-house. But is it so bad? Like to use your attention better? Read on…

4. Brain Training (Blog)Click to Read

You can't avoid mental fatigue or emotional stress. But you can manage them. Like physical exercise you can prepare, pace and recuperate after. If you're interested to learn more about how to train your brain, read on…

5. Mental and Emotional Fitness (Blog)Click to Read

Time Management, what's the problem? Decide on the highest priorities and tackle them first, there may not be time later. Wise words - except are they? They make sense and seem reasonable. But are they?

6. The Art of the Changeover (Blog)Click to Read

Ever gone to work without your wallet? And found you've got it. Driven somewhere and not remembered the drive? Every day we function using non-conscious routines. They exist for good reason. But when it comes to managing time they cause problems...

7. Peak Performance (Blog)Click to Read

In "The Art of Time" we said we'd found more about the latest thinking on how our minds work and what that means for managing time. This blog sets out what we found …

TOD'15 Better Business

Last Update: 16:52, Feb 11th, '16

How's your business? Fit and healthy? Not so good? What makes you say that? Better Business is about what to measure in business and why. It's about the true vital signs of a healthy business and the evidence that exists to prove it

5 Articles
1. Plan, Organise, Motivate, Control (Blog)Click to Read

Running a business starts with planning. Thinking through what you want to happen so you can make it so. Simply turning up every day, picking up where you left off completes jobs but takes you nowhere. Healthy businesses look to their futures...

2. Money, Money, Money… (Workshop)Click to Read

For some, money means little, for others it's everything. Whichever you are one thing's certain: money matters to your bank. Run out of cash and get clobbered with charges, maybe worse. Managing money right counts. Read this blog to find out how…

3. No Customers? No Business! (Workshop)Click to Read

"By the Book" was about the text book way to run a business. But it's a tall order, especially if you're a small. What do really healthy businesses do? It's got nothing to do with miracle products…

4. By the Book? (Workshop)Click to Read

Everything in this blog you already know. It's all what you'd find in any business text book. So why are we talking about it? Because there's things about running a business that if you never learn could sink you. Read on for more…

5. Out of Control? (Blog)Click to Read

How do you run a business? How do you know when it's running well and not? There are dozens of ways to gauge how a business is doing. But which really matter? That's what this series is all about

TOD'15 Critical Business Finance

Last Update: 14:06, Jan 4th, '16

VAT and Trade Credit: two matters you often mention and two you'd benefit from knowing more about. So we wrote about them - that what this series is all about

5 Articles
1. Tax and Spend (Blog)Click to Read

So, the end of another blog journey. This one we set out to find whether you could make more money by giving some of it away. Or even by not taking it in the first place. Nuts? Join us and you decide …

2. When is Asking for Trade Credit Right? (Blog)Click to Read

In "The Trade Credit Trap" we set out the tests to apply when giving credit. And we stated we'd discuss more about why customers ask. That's what this blog is about …

3. The Trade Credit Trap (Workshop)Click to Read

"I need it for cash-flow…" "I won't do the deal without it." If you've ever heard comments like these from customers pushing for credit, you're not alone. It can seem trading with businesses has to entail credit, but does it? Join us and find out…

4. VAT - A Blessing in Disguise? (Workshop)Click to Read

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes": Benjamin Franklin 1789. When it comes to tax if you're good at what you do VAT will come your way. But won't paying VAT cripple your business? No. Read on and find out why…

5. Conventional Wisdom? (Blog)Click to Read

Dough, wonga, there are all kinds of names for money. And the better you are, the more of it you'll make. But what if you could make even more giving some of it away or even turning down business? Stupid? Join us and find out why it's anything but

TOD'15 Practical Retailing

Last Update: 07:55, Dec 18th, '15

At the 2014 Open Day ShopTalk delivered “Better Retailing”. And while the session covered a ton of retail theory and practice, there wasn’t much in the way of computer shops, interiors and layouts so we could bring it all to life. In this series we do just that with real-life examples from selected retailers around the UK

5 Articles
1. Excellent Retailing in Practice (Blog)Click to Read

A month ago we set out on a trip around the UK to see some great retailers. On the way we learned about their aspirations, what they think's key to retailing and their shops. So, is that it? No…

2. Think Brand (Workshop)Click to Read

This week we visit Marcus Johnson of PC Hut. Marcus's ambitions extend to opening several shops over the two he already has. But he sees this as more than just renting premises - he's thinking ‘brand'. What does this mean? Join us and find out…

3. Retail: It's ALL About Psychology (Workshop)Click to Read

This week we visit David Marchant of Cobweb Computers. A seasoned retailer, David's seen shops around him come and go over the years. What's his secret to success? David says it's down to psychology – just look at the High-Street…

4. Retail is Detail (Workshop)Click to Read

In 2012, ailing Tesco's new boss Phil Clarke stated ‘retail is detail'. He's right - successful retailing isn't a conceptual, highfalutin mind game it's hands-on and grittily real. That's why Steve Hopkins of PC Friend describes it the same way

5. How to Practice Excellent Retailing (Blog)Click to Read

Last year's session "Better Retailing" covered a ton of theory and practice. What it lacked was examples of computer shops, interiors and layouts to bring it all to life. Not in this blog …

TOD'15 The Art of Time

Last Update: 16:45, Oct 12th, '15

This series - based on the Target 2015 Open Day workshop "The Art of Tme" is about Time Management. We wrote it because we hear people complaining about time and experience first-hand others managing their time poorly. Time management is something that matters and something some could do far better. So learn how - read the series

5 Articles
1. How to Manage Time (Workshop)Click to Read

So, you've invested time in learning how to manage it. Time to toddle off and pick out the easy bits. Errrr, not quite – it's not that simple. To find out why, read on…

2. The 7 Behaviours of Productive People – Part 2 (Workshop)Click to Read

Last week we talked about using a diary, to-do lists and batching work. This week we're covering distractions, concentration and pauses. Getting to grips with time is no quick fix – but neither is it difficult. Interested? Read on…

3. The 7 Behaviours of Productive People – Part 1 (Workshop)Click to Read

Managing time is not about some magic app, it's about your mind-set and discipline. So, if you're in the right frame of mind – if you're prepared to spend time learning how to save it, this is the blog for you …

4. Time In 3D (Workshop)Click to Read

Time management is hard. You can't manage it just what you do in what you've got. And that's the nub of it – do you? If you've problems with time you're not alone. But could your problems be self-inflicted?

5. Timed Out (Blog)Click to Read

No-one has enough time - everyone's rushed off their feet. But if you're feeling stressed, even overwhelmed - relax. Because you do have time to do anything you want. Read on to find out how

TOD'15 Instant Profit

Last Update: 13:20, Sep 17th, '15

With the internet, eBay, PCW…, it feels like it’s never been harder to make a living. Now, when we plan the Open Day we aim to do workshops that’ll tackle your problems. So this year we put on “Instant Profit” - a workshop designed to make making more money easier. This blog series sets out the full workshop, including all the Open Day video shot, and includes a special blog focussed on setting out more on why we staged the workshop and what it was out to achieve

4 Articles
1. Make Customers Complain (Workshop)Click to Read

This series is about making more money from the next customer you serve. If customers are already primed to trust you you'll sell more – and you'll get more from those you've never served before. This blog covers how to do this

2. You've Options with That (Workshop)Click to Read

"Instant Profit" is about making more money from the very next customer you serve. Building on last week's call to raise prices, this week we turn our attention to selling, and the key phrase that'll transform how good you are…

3. Put Prices Up - NOW! (Workshop)Click to Read

You're going to make more money from the next customer you serve by putting up prices. In this, the first blog from our 2015 Open Day session "Instant Profit", we tackle why you can and should charge more

4. How to Make More Money – Instantly (Blog)Click to Read

With the web, eBay, PCW… it's hard to make a living. Now, when we plan the Open Day we aim to do workshops that'll help you. So this year we put on "Instant Profit" designed to make making more money easier. This is the 1st blog from the workshop

Retail Price Comparison

Last Update: 14:27, May 18th, '17

Showcases previous participants and their experiences of taking part

5 Articles
1. Practical Price Setting (Blog)Click to Read

Price setting is difficult: customers have to feel they've got value and you need to make a decent living. The problem is finding the spot where everyone's happy. That's where our unique survey can help. Welcome to the Retail Price Comparison

2. CAAOS Computers: The RPC – Finished but Not Over (Blog)Click to Read

The Price Comparison is over and we're not about to drone on about it. But there are a couple of things that might interest you. Want to learn how to hone your instincts for a good price? And want to know more about the upcoming RPC webinars? Read on

3. The Computer Doctor: Can I Do The RPC Again? (Blog)Click to Read

While the 2015 RPC is NOW CLOSED for registrations, the question is will it be worth it for those who took part? Well, Gary McEwing of The Computer Doctor thinks so – he'd do it every quarter if he could. Like to find out why he's a fan? Read on

4. DC Computers on 'Givers Gain' (Blog)Click to Read

With the 2015 Retail Price Comparison NOW OPEN we're continuing our blogs with Darren Chapman of DC Computers in Swindon. Did he think taking part in 2014 worth it? Well, read this and find out. And then decide if you'd like to take part

5. Cobweb Computers Finds Fair and Reasonable Pricing (Blog)Click to Read

The 2015 Retail Price Comparison starts in May – join us as we caught up with David Marchant of Cobweb Computers Manchester, to ask him whether taking part in 2014 was worth it. And decide for yourselves whether you'd like to be part of it this year

The 2015 National IT Reseller Awards

Last Update: 14:44, Apr 23rd, '15

Want to know how the winners of the 2014 Awards faired? Looking for advice on entering the 2015 Awards? Read this series

7 Articles
1. The End is Nigh? (Blog)Click to Read

We could end our run on Awards by simply saying "Enter – last year's winners say you should." While true, this is weak. So we're not doing that. Many businesses enter awards regularly but rarely win. Why do they bother?

2. Premier Computers: Seven into Two Goes Fine (Blog)Click to Read

Before we round up next week on the 2015 Awards we catch up with Chris Loader of Premier Computers. Chris entered the Awards because he felt proud of his new shop. What he didn't bank on was the reaction he got. To find out more, read the blog

3. Chips Computers: Why Winning Makes You Better (Blog)Click to Read

Jenny and Phil Griffiths of Chips Computers Brimington, have been building computers for years. So perhaps it's no surprise they won ‘Best Use of PC Configurator" last year. Well, it was to them

4. Computer MOT Centre: The Awards Aren't About Winning (Blog)Click to Read

For our next 2015 National IT Reseller Awards blog we catch up with Rob Oldfield of Computer MOT Centre in Bangor. Like previous winners Rob describes winning as a real ‘ego boost.' But that's not why he entered. Like to find out why? Read on

5. Diamond Media: Entering the Awards is Easy (Blog)Click to Read

Diamond Media, double Award winners in 2013, entered and won in the 2014 Awards. Find out what possessed them to try again

6. Hometech Computers: You'll Never Know Unless You Have a Go (Blog)Click to Read

The last blog on the Reseller Awards talked about why you should enter. Now, it's one thing for us to crow about them, it's another to hear why from a Winner. So join us this this week and hear from Hometech Centre – 2014 winner of ‘Best Shop Layout'

7. Play Makes it Possible (Blog)Click to Read

May 26th: the date this year's Awards kick-off. In just three weeks you can register for the Open Day and enter the Awards. Anyone can participate and anyone can win. But is it worth the effort? Find out in this blog

TOD'14 Better Retailing

Last Update: 15:08, Feb 2nd, '15

Being a Retailer is more than just buying stock, putting it on your shelves, throwing open your doors and hoping for the best. Retailers think through what's in demand now and what's about to be. They select what they'll buy-in. And once they have they sell it. That means they display it to show it off. They deliberately make it desirable. How? Visual Merchandising - it's a core skill for any Retailer and what this series is all about

3 Articles
1. Better Retailing – Shop Displays (Workshop)Click to Read

Make no mistake your Retailing skills will be used to gauge you. In the last blog we looked at the importance of Shop Layout: in this one we'll cover individual displays. If you want to learn more about shop windows and in-store features, read on

2. Better Retailing – Shop Layout (Workshop)Click to Read

Without a clear identity, specialist businesses risk being seen as generalist maybe amateur. But as a professional your Retail skills will be taken as evidence of how good you are at IT. Being good at retailing may be more important than you think...

3. Better Retailing - Shop Identity (Workshop)Click to Read

Retailing: it's a core skill covering how you set your stall and how you sell your stuff. Now merchandising and selling are each large topics. So we'll discuss selling in a future blog and start the discussion on merchandising in this one. Ready?

TOD'14 eCommerce? If You Must

Last Update: 11:43, Jan 8th, '15

Research shows small businesses make a pittance from online sales. Yet for many having an online store is the only reason for having a website. Setting out the key issues behind online trading this series goes onto set out the best approach to making eCommerce a success.

4 Articles
1. eCommerce: But Not As We Know It (Workshop)Click to Read

The internet connects everyone. Yet how it isn't getting used how you'd expect. Most searches are local so the web is the new Yellow Pages. But if you think that's all that's unexpected about it, think again…

2. How To Be A Successful Online Marketplace Trader (Workshop)Click to Read

Marketplaces offer a better bet than setting up your own online store. The question is how do successful traders go about? If you're interested to find out this blog is for you

3. Why Use Online Marketplaces? (Workshop)Click to Read

eCommerce is risky. It's been made to look easy by patent self-interest. But if it's so hard what about the small traders? Their success is often down to one thing: they're traders at Marketplaces like ebay and Amazon. That's what this blog is about

4. Truths About eCommerce (Workshop)Click to Read

Research proves small business makes no real money from eCommerce. Yet with so much reach and with people now 'Googling' pretty much anything surely there's an opportunity? There is. You just have to go about it the right way

TOD'14 How to Spin Your Web

Last Update: 14:33, Nov 19th, '14

In our series “The Internet Is Broken” we set out how today’s internet is flawed and can't continue operating the way it does. But this doesn't mean it's to be avoided - using the web is a huge opportunity - you just have to go about it the right way. Join shoptalk in this series and understand the real opportunity the web presents and how you should go about exploiting it

4 Articles
1. SEO for Small Business (Workshop)Click to Read

The web has its flaws but use it right and you'll benefit hugely. While we've covered off why you should be online and how to drive traffic there's more tips we'd like to share. Like some pointers to get search engines pushing you up their lists?

2. How to Design a Small Business Website (Workshop)Click to Read

The last blog covered website strategy – this one covers design. But if you're thinking colours and images you are ahead of yourself. Why? Because we haven't yet factored in the key goal your website must achieve. Read this blog to find out about it

3. Website Strategy for Small Business (Workshop)Click to Read

There are two ways to get business: you can hope prospects want what you offer or be exactly what they're looking for. On the web this matters. No longer can you claim you know what customers want. You have to know - precisely

4. The Real Reason For Small Business To Be Online (Workshop)Click to Read

In our series "The Internet Is Broken" we set out how today's internet is flawed. But if you think we're against it because we point out its defects, think again. It's a fabulous opportunity, we just think it's different to what most think it is

TOD'14 The Internet Is Broken

Last Update: 17:23, Oct 20th, '14

The relentless growth of the Internet is amazing. And the rise of online shopping is and will continue to destroy traditional brick-and-mortar retailing. Except everything you believe about the internet is wrong.

In this shocking session we confront the hype surrounding the Internet and dispel the myths. In a session rich with facts and data we show you how the growth predicted is failing to materialise. Not only that we show you that eCommerce is already mature and growth rates are now crashing. And we set out the evidence that shows a correction is coming – and how the Internet of tomorrow will not be that of today.

Join us for a truly amazing session that will challenge everything you think you know about the Internet and tell you how it really is.

3 Articles
1. The Internet Bubble Has Not Yet Burst (Workshop)Click to Read

March 10, 2000 – the start of the bust. And the birth of today's internet. But it's flawed and won't endure. Join us for the final part of "Is The Internet Broken?" Find out why everything you thought you knew about the internet is wrong

2. eCommerce Growth is Crashing (Workshop)Click to Read

It's always been assumed eCommerce would raze everything in its path. And while its growth has been spectacular, the headlines are deceptive. Join us in the second part of "Is The Internet Broken?" from our 2014 Open Day to find out why

3. Internet Growth Is Not Materialising (Workshop)Click to Read

Fact: online shopping will destroy traditional retailing. Except everything you believe about the internet is wrong. In this session, we show true growth is fractionally that reported by exposing with what people are really using the web for

Ethical Business

Last Update: 16:07, Jul 18th, '14

There's a paradox in business: how can you operate ethically when the primary motive if profit? Is it possible to be a thriving commercial operation without becoming a 'charity'? This series pulls apart this issue and shows it is possible to be successful and make money. You just need a clear understanding of how.

13 Articles
1. How to Handle Complaints (Blog)Click to Read

Conflict is anything from a look to a row. Recognise your style and you can improve things. But how? The defining feature of customer service is complaint handling. So this week find out how best to handle them and what this means for conflict styles

2. Atrocious Behaviour (Blog)Click to Read

Don't read this blog you won't get it. Don't pretend you're learning you're out for entertainment. Don't favour what makes sense over what doesn't. Cynicism isn't intelligence – it just betrays a closed mind. So, don't read this you'll learn nothing

3. Your Conflict Style: Pro's and Con's (Blog)Click to Read

Everyone deals with conflict differently. Most of us simply use what comes naturally without thinking - that is until you did last week's assessment. This blog is all about helping you understand what it all means

4. A Matter of Style (Blog)Click to Read

The last two blogs have made clear a great business rests on people skills. And we explained how your approach to people is set by how handle conflict. We introduced you to the Thomas-Kilman model and outlined the its Conflict Styles. Now is the time

5. Conflict's Consequences (Blog)Click to Read

Computers are your passion. But turning a hobby into a business takes more. Passion won't create customers or keep employees keen. Success rests on people skills and those are defined by your response to conflict. To learn more read on

6. Conflict of Interests? (Blog)Click to Read

Learning new skills: something you must make a habit. Keeping on top of your game – that's how you give great service. But, technical competence is just 30% of your worth. Surprised? This blog tells you the real measure customers use

7. The Discipline of Applying Discipline (Blog)Click to Read

Previously we've talked about the importance of standards in an ethical business. But what happens when people don't meet them? Because there's no point in having standards unless they're implemented. That's when formal discipline comes to bear

8. Real Teamwork (Blog)Click to Read

The last blog introduced the People Charter. But why bother? Because involving them in creating one will get your staff not just caring about the business, it'll get them thinking about it like it was their own

9. Ethical Business Isn't Nice, It's Fair (Blog)Click to Read

Being ethical means everything is in the long term interests of the business. You can't do this through pleasantries – performance matters meaning discipline matters. Being ethical isn't about ‘nice'; it's about having the courage to be strict

10. Standards for Managing People (Blog)Click to Read

Ever had problems getting the right staff? Or greeting people when they walk in? Everyone has things you want done just-so but your people do less so. The question is why and how would an ethical business deal with the issue?

11. The Right Way to Manage People (Blog)Click to Read

In the last blog we set out some key ‘tests' for whether something is ethical. Question is, if we're all to be truly ethical is it enough just to know these or is more needed to remind us? That's what this blog is all about.

12. What is Ethical Business? (Blog)Click to Read

Previously, we introduced ethical business as doing "the right thing". That morally, doing the right thing is good for your business. But how do you decide what is and what isn't? For that, we need some rules…

13. Good Business is Good For Business (Blog)Click to Read

In a ‘discussion' about businesses making less than inflationary pay rises I mentioned that this leads to a poorer population, lower demand and a stagnant economy. Then someone asked "How can you operate ethically when the primary motive is profit?"

ShopTalk National IT Reseller Awards 2014

Last Update: 14:51, Apr 24th, '14

This series draws together all the business advice given for the Awards. Each blog listed sets out best practices in each Award category as well as the characteristics of winning entries. Advice had been given in this way to ensure access is open and the advice given consistent to all.

18 Articles
1. Shop Talk Award: Best Use of PC Configurator (Blog)Click to Read

This is a new Award for 2014, included because building PC's to order is a service that defines you. A genuine source of competitive advantage ideal for your range. Read this blog to learn what makes for a great Award entry

2. Best Event and Best Internal Retail Display Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

This is the last blog in the series on 2013 Award winners. It's been written to help entrants have the best chance of winning

3. Best Shop Window and Business Innovation Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

This is the next blog in the series on last year's Award winners. It's been written to help entrants have the best chance of winning

4. Shop Talk Award: Best Internal Retail Display (Blog)Click to Read

While good shop layout will promote shopping and sales, these can be heightened further using retail displays. Visual merchandising – presenting products and services in engaging ways – is proven to increase sales further

5. ShopTalk Award: Best Marketing (Blog)Click to Read

‘Best Marketing' is the 8th blog written to help those considering the 2014 IT Reseller Awards. We want everyone to have the best chance of winning so created these guides to set out what each Award is about and what makes for a great entry

6. Best Marketing/Promotional Campaign Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

This is the next blog in the series on last year's Award winners. Best Marketing/Promotional Campaign Award Winner 2013 has been written to help entrants have the best chance of winning

7. ShopTalk Award: Best Shop Layout (Blog)Click to Read

‘Best Shop layout' continues the ShopTalk Awards series written to help contestants with the best chance of winning. Considering entering? Read the blog for more insights

8. Best Use of PR/Media Coverage Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

‘Best Use of PR/Media Coverage' continues the series on last year's Awards winners. These have been written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

9. ShopTalk Award: Best Website (Blog)Click to Read

The internet provides every business a ‘shop-front'. High-street retailers can amplify their marketing. B2B businesses can transform their visibility. The preference to ‘Google' means a web presence is now a must. This award is open to all businesses

10. Best Website Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

‘Best Website' is the next in the series on last year's Awards winners. These have been written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

11. Best Shop Layout Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

‘Best Shop Layout' follows those previous in the ShopTalk Awards series written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

12. Shoptalk Award: Best Business Idea (Blog)Click to Read

‘Best Business Idea' is the next blog in the ShopTalk Awards series written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

13. ShopTalk Award: Best Shop Window (Blog)Click to Read

This next blog in the ShopTalk Awards series covers ‘Best Shop Window'. These blogs have been written to help contestants with the best chance of winning

14. Best Use of A-Board Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

This blog compliments those supporting this year's Awards. It sets out how last year's winners have fared and the impact winning has had. If you're interested in entering ‘Best External Signage/A-Board' this year this blog is for you

15. Most Innovative/Original Service Offering Award Winner 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

This blog compliments those supporting this year's Awards. It sets out how last year's winners have fared and the impact winning has had. If you're interested in entering ‘Best Business Idea' this year this blog is for you

16. ShopTalk Award: Best External Signage/A-Board (Blog)Click to Read

This is the 3rd blog in the ShopTalk Awards series. They're written to help contestants have the best chance of winning. This award is aimed at recognising great use of External Signage and/or A Boards

17. ShopTalk Award: Best Event or Activity (Blog)Click to Read

This is the second blog is a series about the ShopTalk Awards. We're writing them to help contestants have the best chance of winning. This award is aimed at recognising great use of events or activities to promote yourselves

18. ShopTalk Award: Best Media Coverage (Blog)Click to Read

This is the first blog is a series about the ShopTalk Awards. We're writing them to help contestants have the best chance of winning. This award is aimed at recognising great positive media coverage

Promoting Marketing

Last Update: 09:02, Mar 17th, '14

This is a series about marketing. Business is about selling and marketing is about attracting people to buy from you. There’s no secret to marketing its just communication. It’s just you having something great to say about yourself and saying it. We could go into marketing theory but we’re not going to. If you’re interested, there are dozens of books on the topic. No, this series is going to be about what you should be saying about yourself. More, it’s about how you could go about saying it. So it’ll contain practical examples you could use to market yourself with.

7 Articles
1. How to Market Deals (Blog)Click to Read

Marketing is about creating enquiries. That means you can market in store as well. Concluding our series on marketing design, this blog takes a look at the oft neglected area of in-store marketing

2. How to Design Leaflets (Blog)Click to Read

Everyone does leafleting. But ultimate success hinges on more than mere design. Continuing our series on Marketing and Design, this blog explores these issues and presents an approach to leafleting especially relevant for IT resellers

3. How to Design Posters and Signs (Blog)Click to Read

This blog continues the series ‘Promoting Marketing'. With a clear understand of the why's and how's of marketing design, the remainder of the series gives detailed explanation of graphic design in practice. This blog looks at poster and sign design.

4. Profiting from Attention (Blog)Click to Read

This is the second blog getting intimate with design. In it we look at the use words and pictures. It takes just 2 seconds for people to decide if they like yours. So with 94% of first impressions down to ‘design' yours had better work.

5. Does Your Marketing Sell You? (Blog)Click to Read

This is the first of two blogs diving into the detail of design. In it, we cover what you must do before firing-up your design software. Because everything that ends up on your ‘page' is dictated by what you're trying to achieve

6. Fatally Flawed (Blog)Click to Read

Winning new business is about more than just getting prospects to visit. It's about getting to them to like you. Because only then are they likely to come back for more.

7. How to Sell Plugs (Blog)Click to Read

This series is about marketing. That may turn you off but it shouldn't. Business is about selling and marketing is about attracting people to buy from you. All marketing is, is communication. About having something great to say and saying it.

TOD'13: How to Compete So You'll Always Win

Last Update: 10:36, Feb 18th, '14

Taken from our Open Day in 2013, this workshop series focusses on what matters to small IT business when they compete. So it covers the key underpinning why people choose you as well as your inherent sources of competitive advantage. The series goes onto explain why these are key to colour and focus your promotional communciations before detailing example promotional artwork. The examples given are without copyright restriction and can be copied directly or adapted to suit your needs.

4 Articles
1. Take the Competition to the Cleaners (Workshop)Click to Read

This is the last of the video workshops from the Target 2013 Open Day. But if you think that means it's just a summary think again. Because in it we show you how to take your unique competitive advantages and turn them into words and pictures.

2. Enemies and Ammunition: Targeting How You Sell Yourself (Workshop)Click to Read

It may be tempting to treat every other business around you as competition and go into battle against them, all. But before you do some words of caution. If you attack another Indie all it'll start is a price war.

3. You Can't Win a Fight You Won't Have (Workshop)Click to Read

The public prefers you. 80% prefer you. 90% say you're more important to the local community. 80% believe you care more about customers and service. But if the public loves you so much, why isn't there a queue outside the door

4. How to Compete So You'll Always Win (Blog)Click to Read

This is the first blog in a series by the same title. In it we'll set out examples of promotional artwork you can copy or adapt for your own use. Before that we'll be revisiting some of things that really, really matter when you compete

TOD'13: Price Competition and How to Do It

Last Update: 15:36, Jan 9th, '14

If you plan to compete on price you must understand how to approach it. Price competition isn’t about numbers, it’s about opinions. So the defining purpose of marketing is not about raising awareness of prices, it’s about persuading people you’re better.

6 Articles
1. The True Cost of Bad Pricing (Workshop)Click to Read

This blog workshop rounds up the series ‘TOD'13: Price Competition and How to Do It'. In it we focus especially on bad pricing. Because, while it's unlikely anyone would disagree that bad pricing is bad for business, what is bad and how bad is bad?

2. The Truth About Tesco's Exit From IT (Workshop)Click to Read

In late 2012 Tesco piloted a £99 computer repair service. By June 2013 they'd annouced they were withdrawing from consumer electronics. What went wrong?

3. How To Become Internet Proof (Workshop)Click to Read

This workshop video continues our series on Price Competition and takes a close look at a special case: the internet. The internet deserves special attention because it's so price aggressive. So much so, you likely feel you can't compete with it.

4. The Right Way to Compete on Price (Workshop)Click to Read

Our last workshop blog set out the rules of price. And whilst it's important to know them, knowledge won't win you the game. For that you have to play. That's what this video is all about.

5. Price Competition and How to Do It WELL (Workshop)Click to Read

Price competition is a game. It's played between you and your competitors. The prize is peoples trust and customer. So it's a game you have don't just have to learn, you need to get good at it.

6. Price Competition and How to Do It (Blog)Click to Read

There's an adage about price that goes like this: ‘we do three types of service: good, cheap, and fast. You can pick any two.'

TOD'13: How British Cycling Can Transform Your Business

Last Update: 15:56, Jan 11th, '16

Success in sport is often used as an example to illustrate strategy, leadership and personal development. But are there examples from sport when it wasn’t about winning but just being able to compete at all? British Cycling could be it. Learn how ‘The Aggregation of Marginal Gains’ took a marginal national team to complete world dominance in just three years. And how you can use those principles to transform your own business.

6 Articles
1. Marginal Gains: The Keys to Success (Workshop)Click to Read

We've discussed the truly awesome power of marginal gains – in this blog workshop we consider the implications of using the technique and consider the requisites for successfully applying it.

2. Marginal Gains at Work in an IT Business (Workshop)Click to Read

This week's workshop takes the conversation forward another step. By turning it to business and showing you the kinds of improvements within your reach

3. Applying Marginal Gains to Business - It's Easier than You Think (Workshop)Click to Read

We've spoken a great deal about British Cycling's transformation and the pivotal role of Sir Dave Brailsford. But just what is the aggregation of marginal gains? And how would you even start thinking about it for a business?

4. The Secret to a Remarkable Transformation (Workshop)Click to Read

British Cycling's transformation over the last few years has been truly outstanding. And we're using it to show you how you could use the same approach to achieve extraordinary things for your business.

5. Revelations: How to Find Inspiration (Workshop)Click to Read

It's said inspiration is all around. If it is, why is it so hard to find?

6. British Cycling and How to Improve Your Business (Blog)Click to Read

Success in sport is often used to illustrate strategy, leadership or personal development. But are there examples from sport when it wasn't about winning but just being able to compete at all?

TOD'13: Results of the 2nd Retail Price Comparison

Last Update: 15:06, Oct 23rd, '13

From why we stage it, through what it found to how to use it, this series spells out why our unique and ground-breaking survey helps IT resellers to confidently set prices that will please customers and maximise profits.

4 Articles
1. How to Use the RPC (Retail Price Comparison) to Set Prices (Workshop)Click to Read

To reap the rewards of taking part in the RPC we'd strongly suggest you go through it systematically looking for opportunities to raise prices. And to help you do that, we've set out an approach in this video.

2. Why Every Retailer Should Take Part in The RPC (Retail Price Comparison) (Workshop)Click to Read

What really makes the RPC is how it helps IT Retailers set prices. More, how it points you towards the price that'll maximise your profits.

3. The Second Retail Price Comparison and What it Found (Workshop)Click to Read

That raising prices is low risk has been reinforced by the second Comparison. It supports the relationship between price and sales as being virtually flat within sensible limits

4. The Secret to Setting Prices (Blog)Click to Read

Getting prices right is at the very core of business. Get it wrong and you'll scare off customers. Get it right and they'll not just be happy, you'll maximise profits too. But how do you find the right price? Indeed, what does right mean?

RPC (Retail Price Comparison) Workshop

Last Update: 13:46, Oct 17th, '13

The RPC (Retail Price Comparison) workshop was staged to make sure those taking part were fully equipped to make the most of their participation. Whilst many of you came to the workshops, many were unable to make the journey to our offices. For this reason we've made the workshop available through this series of video blogs.

7 Articles
1. Welcome and Introduction to the RPC (Retail Price Comparison) Workshop (Workshop)Click to Read

Introduction session accompanying the Target Retail Price Comparison workshop

2. Why We Do the RPC and What's Really In It For You (Workshop)Click to Read

Why do we bother staging the RPC? What makes us feel obliged to do it? And why should you take part?

3. Accessing and Downloading Your Individual RPC Report (Workshop)Click to Read

Your individual RPC report is a spread-sheet full of data. We won't hold it long term so you need to download and save it locally

4. What's In Your Report - Description of Tabs and Content in the RPC (Workshop)Click to Read

RPC participants receive a detailed report containing several thousand data items. This video explains how the report is structured

5. How to Consider Price Changes - Using the RPC to Set Prices (Workshop)Click to Read

This blog goes through three worked examples and shows you how to use the Comparison to set prices

6. How to Make Price Changes - Implementing Changes from the RPC (Workshop)Click to Read

It's one thing to work out what you think your prices should be, it's another to change them successfully

7. The RPC Workshop is Now Online (Blog)Click to Read

If you took part in the Retail Price Comparison but couldn't make the workshop at Castleford, you can now see it online

Price Competition Strategy

Last Update: 15:24, Jul 5th, '13

Competing on price is easy – just sell cheap! If you believe this you are completely mistaken. There are all sorts of reasons why it’s not true. It won’t and doesn’t work. Because competing on price is not just about price - it’s about value. The truth is if you are to make a success of competing on price you have to be able to compete without it. You have to be able to compete on a host of other differentiators with nothing whatsoever to do with price. Your knowledge, expertise, your place in local communities, honesty, reliability, and a host of other ‘soft’ stuff. Competing on price isn’t just about numbers on tags; it’s about image and reputation. And making that all happen coherently, consistently and convincingly takes strategy. That's what this series is all about.

8 Articles
1. Formulating Price Competition Strategy - Part 2 (Blog)Click to Read

Price Competition is more than numbers on tags. People pay more for what's better: less for what's worse. Part 1 of this blog examined why some competitors matter more and how to improve your business. Price setting was saved for Part 2

2. Formulating Price Competition Strategy - Part 1 (Blog)Click to Read

‘Everyone's competition'. Really? People shop where their money buys the value they want. So lumping everything together isn't right. Strategy is about how you'll respond to competitors. Want one that's reliable? Focus on what matters.

3. Finding Profit Opportunities (Blog)Click to Read

Some competitors are more expensive than you, some cheaper. So create price advantage against one and you'll create disadvantage against another. But thinking like this is simplistic, there's more to pricing than your rreputation with customers

4. Mapping Competitive Position (Blog)Click to Read

Does a low price mean good value or bad quality? If you believe something is better you'd expect it to cost more. And the better it becomes the less price matters. Competing on price is more than contending on cost, it's all about value

5. How to Mystery Shop (Blog)Click to Read

There comes a point when what you need to know about your competitors can't be found from their website, adverts or shop window. When this happens you need to mystery shop them. This blog uses an example to show you how to do it.

6. How to Gather Competitor Intelligence (Blog)Click to Read

Being price competitive is essential. Yet competing on price alone will damage you. The answer lies in having a coherent Strategy for Price Competition built on sound competitive intelligence.

7. Sizing Up Your Competition (Blog)Click to Read

Strategy: it's about how you'll respond to the opportunities and threats your competitors pose you. But what do you need to know about who?

8. A Strategy for Price Competition (Blog)Click to Read

Two weeks ago I promised you ‘A Strategy for Price Competition'. I didn't deliver. Why? Because it took longer than expected to create 8 plausible competitors and formulate a strategy you'd feel realistic and genuine.

Retail Window Displays and Visual Merchandising

Last Update: 16:57, Apr 11th, '13

Window displays matter hugely. Great window dressing and visual merchandising sells to everyone passing by. What’s more, your merchandising techniques and creativity will sell you just as much as your stuff. Yet designing and making window displays and visual merchandising is not an exact science - there are infinite ways to present the same thing. But whether you consider yourself artistic or not, there are ways to design and dress window displays that’ll make them work more for you than against you. This series gives you all you need to know about the art of designing and making window displays that work.

3 Articles
1. The Art of Retail Window Displays (Blog)Click to Read

This blog is for those of you who want more than ‘just a display'. Whether it's because you're interested, have greater ambitions, or if you just want an insight into what makes for genuinely remarkable window displays, this is the blog for you.

2. How to Create and Make a Window Display (Blog)Click to Read

Designing a retail window display is a compromise between three things. To be successful, as well as being able to design window displays and visual merchandising you need to know how to construct and build one that does what you want and looks great

3. How to Design a Window Display (Blog)Click to Read

50% of purchase decisions are made on impulse. You need shop windows that work - that grab the attention of passers-by. Winning window displays don't happen by chance. They aren't just great to look at. They make you money.

TOD'12 Fight Your Corner

Last Update: 15:57, Jan 11th, '16

The Target 2012 Open Day: 200 IT trade customers, four hours of new, never seen before Shop Talk sessions including highlights from the recent Price Comparison. This series focuses onto the content of those sessions. Under the heading of "Fight Your Corner" this sessies is packed with video highlights from all the main Shop Talk sessions delivered on the day.

6 Articles
1. Target Retail Price Comparison Results Presentation (Workshop)Click to Read

We surveyed over 100 customers across the top 60 lines you buy from us and proved what we suspected but you were naturally hesitant to believe. That you have material price advantage over the Big Guys

2. Get Offensive (Workshop)Click to Read

To tackle prospects ingrained beliefs, you have to make a point of showing they're not right

3. Wipe the Floor with the Big Guys (Workshop)Click to Read

The Big Guys struggle with key reasons behind why people choose to shop where they do: genuine expertise, and the fact you're a local business are two. These are what differentiate you and are the basis of how you should promote yourselves

4. Shattering The Price Myth (Workshop)Click to Read

Price isn't everything. People choose to shop where they do for many reasons: being able to touch-and-feel, talk to an expert, shop locally and plain convenience are a few. Price is always important but rarely the deal breaker

5. Fight Your Corner - Introduction (Workshop)Click to Read

This introduces Target Business Advisory Services and sets out the overall content for the day

6. Target Open Day 2012 - Fight Your Corner (Blog)Click to Read

Shop Talk delivered 4 hours of new, bespoke and unique content at the 2012 Target Open Day. This blog sets out the highlights

Selling Your Value

Last Update: 10:19, Feb 26th, '13

Price always matters but relying on it to promote you will destroy you. Price doesn't just ignore the very things prospects need reassurance over before they’ll switch, it positively contradicts them. You have to understand one key principle: price does not differentiate you - how good you are does. Your overall message has to be “you get all this – after sales care, expertise, help, contribution to the community and good prices.” NOT the other way round. So you need to stop leading your promotions with price and start leading with the other things. How? By taking every opportunity to point out - to sell - your value. This series is all about how to do that.

20 Articles
1. How to Compete on Price | The Practicalities of Using Price in Competition (Blog)Click to Read

Competing on price is easy – tell everyone you're cheap! But just because that's how it seems everyone does it doesn't make it right. Price and pricing are more complex than that. So if competing on price isn't selling ‘low', what is?

2. How to Tell Customers to Trust and Buy from You (Blog)Click to Read

How can you reassure prospects you can be trusted when you'd never say you couldn't be? How can you convince them it's true before you've actually spoken to them?

3. Why Giving Free Advice and Being a Showroom is Good Business (Blog)Click to Read

Customers who ask questions - great aren't they? A chance to talk and build rapport. But some want more - ‘how' to do stuff. And others pop in all the time to pick-your-brains. What can you do about these things?

4. Better Bricks-and-Mortar Retailing | How to Beat the Internet (Blog)Click to Read

Continuing my series on differentiation through the reasons customers choose you, this blog covers something unique to bricks-and-mortar. Something the internet can't compete with. Something that'll stop the Big Chains competing and transform sales

5. Get the Customers You Deserve (Blog)Click to Read

Everyone knows Customer Service is important. Yet few know how to make it happen. Fewer still understand how to make their service remarkable. But my latest workshop ‘Get the Customers You Deserve' aims at this.

6. Selling After Sales: The Value of Showing You Care (Blog)Click to Read

Having a strong after sales offer is tremendously important. It's a way of selling value over price – selling without selling - and a great way of bringing in repeat sales and business. Because after sales says: ‘I care'

7. How to Sell ‘Nice' (Blog)Click to Read

Learning how to be ‘nice' is more than just a sales technique, it's a customer service strategy

8. How to Sell You have Knowledge, Experience and Opinion (Blog)Click to Read

You can't seel these things like products and services - or can you?

9. 10 Ways to Get Customers Backing You (Blog)Click to Read

Remember your first day at high school? Can you remember how unfamiliar everything was? But just as it feels odd to you, you're different to everyone that's already there. So it's not just you that feels anxious, they do too.

10. How to Spell L-O-C-A-L (Blog)Click to Read

Whilst the public wants to shop local, they don't know who you are

11. Are You a One Trick Pony? | Why Promoting Range is Key to Consideration (Blog)Click to Read

Range. It's important to customers. Key to why they consider you. It defines what you do and becomes what you'll be known for. What people expect and even assume you do. So how well are you "selling" yours?

12. 21 Tips to Increase Your Convenience (Blog)Click to Read

Like price, location is important. But it's rarely the defining factor why people use you. If you let people think you inconvenient, they will. But if you make the effort to be easily found, easy to find, easy to visit and easy to use, you will make

13. Selling Convenience (Blog)Click to Read

Convenience is more than just about where you are. It's about how easy you are to visit

14. Location, Location, Location: Convenience is More Than Just Where You Are (Blog)Click to Read

Time is precious and consumers want more of it for them. Love it or hate it consumer shopping behaviour and many consumer shopping choices are driven by straightforward convenience. But what does that really mean?

15. Reassuringly Expensive | Ensure Your Marketing Mix Adds-Up (Blog)Click to Read

This blog discusses how getting everyday parts of your marketing mix out of balance is losing you business

16. The Real Extra Mile | Turning Intentions into Competitive Advantage (Blog)Click to Read

"We go the extra mile." It's a phrase we've often heard used to explain how Indies win new business. How word-of-mouth brings in new customers. And sure, doing great work keeps customers coming back. But it's also what's expected of you

17. Consider Yourself | Use Your Natural Competitive Advantages to Win Business (Blog)Click to Read

This blog is about consumer choice and how to be more attractive to prospects. It's about things you already have but many of you don't sell too well. It's about what you need to flaunt and how to get better at it. Want to find out more?

18. How to Sell Yourself, Your Worth and Value (Blog)Click to Read

It's not how cheap you are, it's how good that defines you. As an IT Retailer or Reseller you need to understand what consumer choice is, how it works and how you can influence it. This blog shows you how to sell your value

19. Consumer Choice | Understanding Consideration (Blog)Click to Read

Consumers choose to shop where they do for many reasons. The trick is to understand the real reasons and sell yourself on them

20. Get Price into Proportion | How Price Impacts Image (Blog)Click to Read

Price always matters but its sole use in promotions will destroy you. Plus it contradicts what prospects need reassurance on before they'll switch. Price doesn't differentiate you: how good you are does. But how can you strike the right balance?

Better Selling

Last Update: 15:59, Dec 13th, '13

Many of you see selling as something akin to flogging. Something a used car salesman does. Like a street trader peddling cheap crockery in a market. And something you don't like because, frankly, it'd be humiliating to behave like that. The good news is you don’t have to. Because it doesn’t make sense given what you do. But if that isn’t the “right” way to behave what is? This series looks at just that question.

5 Articles
1. Shop Window Matters (Blog)Click to Read

Window displays matter hugely. Great window dressing and visual merchandising sells to everyone passing by. What's more, your techniques and creativity sell YOU as much as your stuff. But Winning window displays don't just happen – they're the result

2. It's Cheaper on the Internet | How to Compete with the Internet (Blog)Click to Read

Do a search and you'll find new laptops at less than you can do. Can you compete? The answer is most certainly yes

3. Instant Profit | Why it's Easier to Raise than Lower Prices (Blog)Click to Read

Discounting to promote on price may appear attractive to win business. But it's not a tactic to use lightly - it has some serious 'con's'

4. That Makes More Sense | Understanding What Price Says About You (Blog)Click to Read

Just a few weeks back an Indie proudly told me Price is my USP. After all, it sounds bold and to-the-point. But was it as sensible as the Indie thought? Did it say what he really wanted it to? Or did it say something else?

5. Why We Buy | Price is NOT a Unique Selling Point (Blog)Click to Read

An Indie recently told me: "Price is my USP". He also spoke about how customers valued his expertise. "You sure?" I asked. It was plain he didn't get the conflict in what he'd said

Competing Credibly

Last Update: 15:55, Dec 13th, '13

Competition is at the heart of successful business. But doing it credibly is a job in itself. It requires a balance between several different factors so that you position yourself right in your target market's mind. So, you need to balance price messages against quality and service ones so that you are consistent. You also need to assert you message in your market rather than rely on word-of-mouth. Lastly, you need to go out of your way to prove why customers would be daft not to consider you. Difficult? No. But you do need to think through what you say and do as well as how you go about promoting your business. This series tackles these issues head on.

13 Articles
1. The Target Retail Price Comparison Results (2012) (Blog)Click to Read

Find out about our Retail Price Comparison - an exclusive service to Target Customers

2. Just Obeying Orders | Why Customer Conversations Help You Sell More (Blog)Click to Read

A prospect walks in. "How much for Windows7?" The Indie gives the price: the prospect says thanks, and leaves. Question is: could that have been handled better?

3. What Customers Really Want | How to Be the Best Place to Buy (Blog)Click to Read

A prospect walks in. "How much for Windows7?" The Indie gives the price: the prospect says thanks, and leaves. Question is: could that have been handled better?

4. I Can Get It Cheaper Elsewhere | Dealing with Price Objections (Blog)Click to Read

To deal with price objections you need to understand them. In this blog we discuss how to deal with being told something's cheaper elsewhere

5. That's Too Expensive! | Dealing with Price Objections (Blog)Click to Read

To deal with price objections you need to understand them. In this blog we discuss how to deal with being accused of being over priced

6. It's a Mystery | How to Set Prices (Blog)Click to Read

Mystery Shopping: the way to keep your offer relevant and your pricing right

7. Rounding Up | Use Price Correctly - It Matters (Blog)Click to Read

Everyone wants – indeed deserves – to get good value. Price matters and always will. But this is the issue: price versus value. And if customers don't get the value of what you're selling whose fault is that?

8. I Can't Compete! | 25 Must-Knows About Price: Part 3 (Blog)Click to Read

Still not convinced you can't compete on price? This concludes the 25

9. I Can't Compete! | 25 Must-Knows About Price: Part 2 (Blog)Click to Read

Still not convinced you can't compete on price? Here's another 10 reasons

10. You Can't Win a Fight You Won't Have: Part 2 (Blog)Click to Read

Get feisty and take on the Big Chains. They won't fight back: they can't.

11. You Can't Win a Fight You Won't Have: Part 1 (Blog)Click to Read

It doesn't matter how much you gloat over the Big Guys messing up, unless you actually point out you're better, they're all that's being heard

12. I Can't Compete! | 25 Must-Knows About Price: Part 1 (Blog)Click to Read

If you're thinking you can't compete on price, you're wrong. You're so very wrong.

13. The Price is Right? (Blog)Click to Read

Find the right price for you and never worry about a price objection again.

Life with Windows 8

Last Update: 15:57, Dec 13th, '13

Educating and training customers offers the most powerful yet under utilised ways of proving why prospects should consider you. This short series of blogs uses my simple experiences of upgrading from XP to 8 to illustrate how materials for guides and talks can easily be put together. My experiences are likely very similar to those facing your customers. And if you want to use my blogs as the basis for customer materials, go ahead - feel free.

4 Articles
1. Windows 8: Look Out For Driver Problems (Blog)Click to Read

Windows 8 needs up to date device drivers - here's my experience with my touchpad

2. Getting Windows 8 to Boot What You Want (Blog)Click to Read

It's true: they've buried the Start Up folder alive. Learn how to config W8 to boot what you want

3. Windows 8 Won't Let Me Go Home! (Blog)Click to Read

There I was, 6pm, happy with the day and feeling OK about Windows 8. So far so good. Time to shut down. But could I?

4. Don't Start: You've Been Handed a HUGE Opportunity (Blog)Click to Read

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is a HUGE opportunity. But it's not through selling the software.

Your Business Is A Business

Last Update: 14:19, Mar 19th, '13

No-one says being in business is easy. You may well have decided to be in business because it meant you could do what you love most. But you are in business and it needs to provide you with at least a living wage - possibly more depending on your ambitions. Neither of these has to mean losing sight of your original reasons for going into business. But it does mean you need to frame it right in your head so you'll get from it everything you want. And you'll have everything in place to carry you though the times when things are tougher.

5 Articles
1. Treat Your Shop Like a Business (Blog)Click to Read

It's all about what you tell people and especially how you tell them

2. Are You Making the Most of What You've Got? | How to Drive Word-of-Mouth (Blog)Click to Read

You may be the best indie IT retailer in your town, the UK, the world. Problem is, if know one knows about it you will struggle

3. Be Something Else | Understanding Your Target Market (Blog)Click to Read

We know you're great too - but do you know why?

4. Treat Your Business Like a Business (Blog)Click to Read

The recession means it's now more important than ever to behave like a retailer, not like a shopkeeper.

5. You're Brilliant: Do Your Customers Know It? | Understanding Competitive Advantage (Blog)Click to Read

You've got a great business and you always go that extra mile with your customers. Learn ways to tell them HOW good you are

Winning New Business

Last Update: 15:55, Dec 13th, '13

Focusing on how to sell yourself to the very market that wants to use their local independent IT business, this series also sets out how to understand the value of your "fair share" of the business that's either in, or passing through, your area every day. This series really captures and documents the content of the successful "Winning New Business" workshop.

11 Articles
1. Winning New Business | How to Exploit Your USPs (Blog)Click to Read

Since the start of July we've discussed the scale of the business that's right on your doorstep through to how to best "sell" yourself to that market. So, 11 blogs later what will you actually do?

2. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Business Networking (Blog)Click to Read

Love it or hate it, its how business will always be done. You need to be good at it

3. How to Get FREE Publicity in the Media (Blog)Click to Read

Want to get 10,000's of people talking about you? Use the media. It's easier than you think.

4. Special Offer: 10% Off Trustworthiness | The Limitations of Discounts and Deals (Blog)Click to Read

How to market you, what you stand for and your brand

5. Are You Getting Your Fair Share? | It's YOUR Locality: Make the Most of It (Blog)Click to Read

Get your fair share of the business that's all around you

6. Big It Up | 5 Ways to Make Your Business Apprear Larger (Blog)Click to Read

Ever lost a job because the customer's "worried" you're a small business? Do these things and build their confidence

7. This is How To… | Generate Business by Speaking about what You Know (Blog)Click to Read

Expertise: a major reason customers use you. Win more business by giving prospects a glimpse of what you know

8. Do You Have 5? | 8 Unexpected Ways Running Surveys Promotes You (Blog)Click to Read

Surveys: possibly the most powerful way there is to promote your business

9. The World on Your Doorstep | Turn Passing Footfall into Visitors (Blog)Click to Read

There's a saying that the best place to hide something is in the most obvious place. Could you be missing out on potential business?

10. Be a Good Citizen | How Benevolent Acts Market You Better Than Adverts Ever Can (Blog)Click to Read

"Do good things and good things will come to you." Myth or reality?

11. Dominate Your World | How to Estimate the Commercial Value of Your Locality (Blog)Click to Read

Ever worked out the value of the business on your doorstep?

Get Retailing!

Last Update: 15:54, Dec 13th, '13

The IT channel has changed dramatically over the years. It used to be that most IT retailers did just that: sell computers. Yet today, many IT retailers have turned into repairs specialists. Now, repairs are good, they make good margins. But abandoning retail means leaving easy money on the table. Most importantly it shrinks your footfall down to just that looking to get something fixed. Don’t forget retailing, or customers will start forgetting you.

11 Articles
1. War of Independents | Ways to Compete with the Big Chains (Blog)Click to Read

The Big Chains are out to get you, but you can fight back...

2. Get Retailing! | From Shopkeeper to Retailer (Blog)Click to Read

Revitalise your retailing by making it hard for people to pass you without popping in.

3. Flog It! | How to Sell Without Selling (Blog)Click to Read

Arthur Daley has a lot to answer for. But selling doesn't have to be dirty or underhand. Just do what you love.

4. Hey, You...BUY ME! 15 Tips for Better Merchandising (Blog)Click to Read

Merchandising can increase the number of customers you get which means increased sales and profit…

5. 10 Tips to Better Product Placement/Store Layout (Blog)Click to Read

How your shop is laid out matters. The more products and services customers are exposed to, the more they buy.

6. Are Customers Forgetting You're a Retailer? | The Dangers of Only Doing Repairs (Blog)Click to Read

Neglect retail and soon customers will think you only do repairs. Don't do it!

7. Become a YES! Man | The Advantages of Holding Virtual Stock (Blog)Click to Read

Stock virtually everything and you'll never say "No" to anyone who walks into your business again

8. Become THE PLACE To Go | Don't Just Do Repairs: Supply Everyday IT Needs (Blog)Click to Read

Get customers and passers-by thinking "I'll go there. They'll have it" and you'll be a successful retailer.

9. Taking Stock | What You Stock Defines Who You Are (Blog)Click to Read

Having a strong theme to what you stock will define your reputation. The question is, what reputation do you want?

10. Oh For An Easy Life | Retailing May be Tough, But it's Easy Money (Blog)Click to Read

IT Retailing is much tougher than it used to be. But don't ignore it. Compared to doing repairs, it's easy money

11. Have Indies Forgotten to Retail? | Retailing is More than Just Selling New PCs (Blog)Click to Read

Do you remember when customers flocked to you because you were the best?


Last Update: 12:11, Feb 14th, '13

There are only so many hours in the day. And if it's your business, those hours have to be spent on the things of most value to it. So don't just fill your days with whatever comes along, spend them doing the things that'll give you the best return. This series takes on time - what it is and what it isn't. We discuss that whilst it's finite it's also completely within your control. And how you spend it is entirely up to you. To help we discuss the right way to prioritise things and give you over 50 genuine practical tips on how to create time and make the most of it.

6 Articles
1. There's No Choice: Take Time to Make Time (Blog)Click to Read

In this concluding blog on time, we bring together everything that been discussed so far and leave you with the key. To master time, don't think about it at all.

2. Stop Making Excuses | Take Control of Time Management (Blog)Click to Read

Understanding how to make better use of time is easy. But getting going and making changes to create more time in your day can be much more difficult. Interested in overcoming your doubts?

3. 50 Tips for Creating Time (Blog)Click to Read

Following on from "How to Create Time" this blog details 50 genuine, material tips to help you create more time. So, no "start thinking about time – it'll make you use it more effectively". Real, nitty, gritty stuff...

4. How to Create Time | Improve Your Personal Productivity (Blog)Click to Read

Not just another blog about time management, this has got the stuff that will create time for you. Really?

5. You Have a Choice | Time - Your Most Valuable Asset (Blog)Click to Read

No-one else controls the future of your business. How you spend your time matters. The issue is, how best to spend it?

6. If Only I Had More Time | Regain Control of Time (Blog)Click to Read

It's true, there are only so many hours in the day. It's also true you control what you do

This Post is Not Part of a Series

Last Update: 14:08, Jan 19th, '16

24 Articles
1. GDPR – What Is All the Fuss About? (Blog)Click to Read

Let's get something straight – you've nothing, repeat nothing, to worry about over the GDPR (General Data Protection regulation). Because you already value and only use your customers' data for the purposes it was collected…

2. Blog Change (Blog)Click to Read

Did you know this will be ShopTalk's 309th blog? With an average length of some 1,000 words, that's an awful lot of words (though hopefully the advice has been better!). But the time has come for change. This blog sets out how

3. Open Day 2014 - They Think It's All Over (Blog)Click to Read

"It ain't over till it's over" - the end isn't certain until it's happened. Well, the 2014 Open Day blogs have finished. Looking for a summary? Or a quick reference to the content? Want to know what we're doing next? Read on...

4. 2015: Everything to Play For (Blog)Click to Read

Christmas 2014 and the New Year are approaching. It's ‘traditional' at this time of year to reflect and remind ourselves of what we accomplished. But if you think we're just going to list all the blogs published, think again

5. Time For A Change (Blog)Click to Read

Over the last few weeks we've been blogging about Ethical Business and the people part of making that happen. But now we've had our Annual Open Day, it's time for a change

6. Target Open Day 2014 - Mission Accomplished: Now Let's Make 2015 Even Better (Blog)Click to Read

Well, 10 months in the planning and now our 2014 Open Day is gone! A huge, huge 'thanks' to everyone who came– we had a great time, we hope you did too. But time stands still for no-one and believe it or not we're already planning for 2015!

7. Making Money in 2014: The Full Story (Blog)Click to Read

The New Year is a time for reflection. So why not learn from the best where to place your efforts in 2014?

8. Target Don't Do Awards... (Blog)Click to Read

A couple of years ago Target pulled out of industry awards. It caused the odd niggle at the time. We had to ‘un-nominate' ourselves from a couple of awards and politely decline to be on the judging panel for another

9. Short and Long-Firm Fraudsters Target Independent IT Resellers (Blog)Click to Read

We have seen a number of incidents that indicate independent IT resellers are being deliberately targeted by long-firm and short-firm fraudsters.

10. How to Really Generate Business Online (Blog)Click to Read

Is having a website a no-brainer? Out of millions yours is just one. And while there's huge traffic, the majority isn't people buying stuff. If you are to be on the internet you must be clear why. Because it's not as simple as just having a website.

11. Services Pricing Survey | Have Your Say for Spring 2013 (Blog)Click to Read

Back in October 2012 we completed the first Target Retail Price Comparison (RPC). Find our what's happening with the next

12. 2012: What Have We All Done? | shoptalk's Key Messages (Blog)Click to Read

Little did I know when I helped out at Targets Open Day in 2011 I'd be half of it in 2012! But that's what happened. What started as visiting some customers and adding to the blog has grown into something quite a bit bigger. As well as a blog, we now

13. How to Implement and Run a Credit Control System (Blog)Click to Read

How to implement and run a credit control system

14. New Year's Resolutions for Retailers | A Complete Retail Strategy (Blog)Click to Read

Our New Year's Resolution is to continue helping our customers to be more successful. Here are some ideas.

15. How to Profile Your Target Market (Blog)Click to Read

Learn how to determine who your customers actually are so you can market to them more effectively

16. Christmas Trading Tips (Blog)Click to Read

Make the most of the Festive season

17. 15 Ways to Win New Customers on a Small Budget (Blog)Click to Read

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but how can you attract new customers with limited, or no, budget?

18. Competing With The Big Guys On Price – Part 2 (Blog)Click to Read

Part 1 dealt with some truths about pricing. In Part 2, we put some of those truths into practice

19. Competing With The Big Guys On Price – Part 1 (Blog)Click to Read

There's a few truths about pricing it's important to understand...

20. Back To Basics: Keeping Business Simple (Blog)Click to Read

Let's get right back to basics: there are only three things you need to do in business...

21. Shop Layout (Blog)Click to Read

When was the last time you thought about the layout of your shop? If you're struggling to remember you're not alone. Yet your layout has a direct impact on how much you sell. A good layout will work for you and make you more money. What's the secret?

22. Staff | Managing People (Blog)Click to Read

People don't come to work to do a bad job. They try and do the best they can. Focus on the basics and they'll excel

23. Customer Service 101 (Blog)Click to Read

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Treat them well and they'll return the favour

24. Shop Frontage (Blog)Click to Read

Your shop front speaks to every passer by. It can attract customers to your shop. It can put customer off coming in. Give it the attention it deserves.

Feature Blogs

Last Update: 10:25, Feb 17th, '13

This blog series comprises features based on interviews with Target customers as well as blogs submitted by Shop Talk readers.

8 Articles
1. Business Rates Changes for SMEs (Blog)Click to Read

On April 1st 2017 your rates bill will change. New rateable valuations are being published. And while some will win with lower rates, others won't. Making sure you're paying the right rates matters. That's what this post is about

2. Apprenticeships: Nothing Good Comes Easily (Blog)Click to Read

If apprentices are such a great way to find talent, why is it some 80% of SMEs have never hired one? Join us as we talk to John Dean of Computer Lifeline. Now on his 5th, he's an apprenticeships veteran. So what does he know everyone else doesn't?

3. What People Really Think About Independent Retail | How to Use Surveys to Promote Your Business (Blog)Click to Read

Surveying the public is a chance not to be missed. Commencing with why they offer huge opportunities, this blog focuses on the results of three Shopping Preference surveys

4. What is PR Worth? | How to Estimate the Real Value of Media Coverage (Blog)Click to Read

Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) misses the point. This blog shows you why

5. The Pied Piper of IT | How to Attract Customers Without Trying (Blog)Click to Read

Customers view repairs as nothing but a cost and only call when things go wrong. But you can change this

6. Make Money out of Talking | Generate Business by Speaking about what You Know (Blog)Click to Read

Without doubt there's nothing like this to consolidate your position in your community as a person of merit and trustworthiness. Someone who's worth knowing and who knows about his stuff. Read this blog to find out more

7. Making FREE Estimates Pay | How to Sell Services (Blog)Click to Read

Obligatory part of being competitive or uncontrollable drain on profits? Certainly FREE estimates can easily be both of these things. But is it possible to still offer them AND make them pay? A forward thinking IT retailer in Liverpool has done just

8. Is PR Only For Big Business with Huge Budgets? (Blog)Click to Read

Garry Stonehouse of GBiz IT shares his experiences of getting into local and regional media

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