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Smart Home: A New Revenue Opportunity

Posted on: 09:41, Oct 13th, '17
Smart Home isn't new. The difference is now it's no longer the preserve of the rich. So while all the high-end products and services are still available there are now a host of retail and DIY products out there too. We believe Smart Home is a huge business opportunity for small IT businesses. So much so we staged a dedicated Smart Home Zone at our 2017 Open Day. Plus we invited Adam Smith from Energenie to talk about the market opportunity and how to go about ma

The Market for Smart Home and Other Stuff

Posted on: 08:22, Oct 6th, '17
Carl West of GfK's becoming a regular feature at the Target Open Day. GfK are an independent market research business. Carl is their Supply Chain Director. His specialty is helping retailers, resellers, distributors and system integrators be more profitable. Who better to come talk at the Open Day? Especially when his focus was Smart Home...

How to Find the Perfect Apprentice

Posted on: 10:15, Feb 10th, '17
Some estimate recruitment mistakes cost 20% gross pay. That's on top of wages and NI already paid out. And it omits tribunal penalties – costs that can easily exceed a junior employee's wage. It also excludes the full cost of rehiring and the cost of being one person down. Not to mention the appalling cost of social media posts trashing your business. With all these we've seen cost estimates go as high as 13 times pay. You have to get recruitment right. Join us to find out how…

Will Virtual Become Reality?

Posted on: 08:30, Feb 3rd, '17
There's a lot of talk about VR. Many think now's the time it'll get legs - really start becoming something. After all, Head Mounted Displays have been around since the 1960's. It's been used for 3D images in gaming since the 1990's. And films like "Lawnmower Man" and "Matrix" with their completely indistinguishable from real virtual worlds have fired our imagination for it. So what's happening? What's news? Like to find out? You're in the right place…

The Secret to Winning Bids

Posted on: 07:44, Jan 20th, '17
Bids, quotations and proposals. Tools of business development. Documents that help you win work and contracts. Note the word "win". You wouldn't go to the trouble of crafting these unless there was good reason. And sure, these documents serve a purpose - creating a pageant so a buyer can compare and choose who they like best. Tendering for work is competitive, it's taking a chance. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Just make sure when you do, you've got the best chance of winning possible

Stupid Marketing and How to Stop It

Posted on: 08:11, Jan 13th, '17
Magic and Marketing may both start with ‘M' but they've little else in common. One's about deceit and the other trust. But if you're expecting us to turn this on its head you're in for a long wait. No, instead we're going to use one to help explain something hugely important about the other. Everyone knows magicians can't pull rabbits from hats or cut their assistants in half. Turns out magic isn't about tricks at all - it's about why we can't see them happening. Magic's about directing attention. And stupid marketing doesn't get that...
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