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Completely unique and ONLY available to Target customers, the In-Store PC Builder is the World's only 'from-scratch' PC configurator and designer.

With the number of available designs in the trillions, the In-Store PC Builder offers Target customers something the highstreet chains and websites, even Amazon, don't have - an almost inexhaustible number of custom PCs. And it's completely free!

The In-Store PC Builder is extremely easy-to-use, using just a few clicks to design a working PC, and completely customisable to include your own branding, unique URL, pricing and charges, using your own admin dashboard.

Using the same engine as our Custom PC Builder, the In-Store PC Builder's graphical interface allows users to select any component to start designing a PC. Each subsequent component you choose is then compatibility-checked before it is added to the build. You can even add those all-important peripherals and accessories as part of the design itself - and you don't need any technical knowledge to use it.

This means you can use it as a service and display it on a workstation in-store or link to it from your own website, allowing your own customers to decide the specification they want for their custom-made PC, with all prices displayed at the same time.

Once designed, you can then choose to order parts-only for you to build yourself, or our dedicated engineers will build it for you for as little as £35 per unit.

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Why you need the In-Store PC Builder:

  • Offer your customers any PC they want - over 700 trillion unique configurations available
  • All components are checked for compatibility at every stage of the build design - order with confidence
  • Engage with your customers- design PCs with them and provide a bespoke service - they can even use it themselves. the customers who have benefitted most from the In-Store PC Builder have designed PCs with their customers
  • Increase your sell price by over 20% - prices are displayed giving you a fantastic upsell opportunity for monitors, peripherals and software, including those all-important RGB lights
  • No stock required - you design the PC with your customer, we build it - hey presto, it's that easy
  • Simple to use & interactive - anyone can use it, you can be safe in the knowledge you're not going to make a mistake
  • Mobile-friendly - visit customers on-site and take it with you
  • Brand it as your own - with your own logo & details, unique URL, pricing and margins
  • Basic build cost of £35 - or just order the parts and build yourself
  • 3-Year warranty as standard or upgrade to an extended parts, labour & collection warranty for just £30 per PC
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How the In-Store PC Builder can help you

Firstly, it's free. Gratis. No cost. At all. So what do you have to lose?

But there are loads of other reasons whyyou should use it...

There's the choice - over 500 components are available. And with choice comes opportunities - you're no longer confined to offering a limited range of PCs for home or business with a few gaming machines to cover all bases. With the In-Store PC Builder you can build machines to the requirements of specific customers.

In fact, there are over 700 trillion (yes, trillion) unique PC configurations available, all just a few clicks away.

You also get to add peripherals, monitors and software at the design stage, so you can see the total cost right there and then.

It also features a customisable front-end where you can place your own branding, as well as an intuitive password-protected admin system.

But it's what it can do for your business that's most important - you're offering a bespoke service to your customers, you can get them involved in designing their machines using a tool that is all branded as your own, with your own pricing.

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How Target customers use the In-Store PC Builder:

  • One Target customer sells professional CAD workstations to designers and architects using the In-Store PC Builder to create to top-end specifications, including high-end graphics and multiple monitor ourputs.
  • Another Target customer sells PCs to a photography club that uses PhotoShop and other editing software, so they need to be powerful enough to edit but cost-effective enough that users can still afford new photography equipment
  • Another Target customer provides mid-range gaming PCs to an eSports team's training academy - these need to be reliable but cost effective, and look exciting to their players - lots of RGB on these ones!
  • Customers servicing schools and government agencies use the In-Store PC Builder to configure PCs to very specific budgets and requirements - the 3-year warranty is a huge benefit when quoting for these projects

If you have an example of how you've use the In-Store PC Builder to address your customers' needs, please let us know. Email

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