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Terms and Conditions of Trade at Target Components


"Buyer" means the person who buys or agrees to buy the goods from the Seller.
"Conditions" means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Seller.
"Delivery Date" means the date specified by the Seller when the goods are to be delivered.
"Goods" means the articles that the Buyer agrees to buy from the Seller.
"Price" means the price for the goods excluding carriage, packing, insurance and VAT.
"Seller" means Target Components Ltd, Unit 5, Pioneer Way, Pioneer Business Park, Castleford, WF10 5QU.


2.1 These conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of Goods by the Seller to the Buyer to the exclusion of all their terms and conditions including any terms and conditions which the Buyer may purport to apply under any purchase order, confirmation of order or similar document. All orders for Goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the Buyer to purchase Goods pursuant to these Conditions.

2.2 Acceptance of delivery of Goods shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer's acceptance of these Conditions.

2.3 Any variation to these Conditions (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by the Seller.


3.1 The Price shall be the Seller's quoted price. The Price is exclusive of VAT, which shall be due at the rate ruling on the date of the Seller's invoice. The Seller reserves the right to amend prices at any time without prior notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

3.2 Payment of the Price and VAT shall be due and payable on the date of the invoice unless credit terms have been specifically agreed in advance. Time for payment shall be of the essence.

3.3 Corporate/ commercial credit cards are subject to a 1.85% surcharge. Banker's draft, cash, cheques, debit cards, personal/ consumer credit cards and wire transfer are accepted without surcharge. PayPal and Amex are not accepted as forms of payment. Credit facilities are available subject to status.

3.4 The Price is payable free of any right of set off, lieu or counterclaim.

3.5 Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue daily from the date when payment becomes due until the date of payment at a rate of 4% above the Bank of England Bank base rate and shall accrue at such a rate after, as well as before any judgement.


4.1 The quantity and description of the Goods shall be as set out in the Seller's quotation. Errors and Omissions accepted.

4.2 The Buyer will ensure that the Goods purchased are suitable and compatible with their requirements. The buyer accepts that any change in the condition of the goods purchased, for example custom PC building, risks changing the condition of the goods and voiding all warranties and return rights.

4.3 The Seller warrants that it has title to the Goods, but makes no other representation, statement or warranty whatsoever in respect of the Goods (including but not limited to the quality of the Goods and the fitness of the Goods for any purpose for which the Buyer intends to use them).


5.1 The warranty period between the Buyer and the Seller is strictly 12 months unless otherwise stated. Under no circumstances can this warranty be extended and warranties given by the manufacturer, dealer or any other party is expressly excluded from this contract between the Buyer and Seller.

5.2 In the case of components that require replacement, these shall be to the same capacity or higher and not necessarily of the same specification or manufacturer. Replacements may be of new or refurbished condition.

5.3 If a faulty item is to be repaired then the Seller may take a reasonable time to effect such a repair, which may include the time taken to return it to the original supplier. The Seller shall not be liable for any loss whilst the Goods are being repaired or tested.

5.4 If the Seller is unable to repair or replace a faulty item, the Seller shall issue a credit to the Buyer's account. Credits will be issued to the lesser value of the invoiced amount or current market value.

5.5 The Buyer shall take necessary precautions to back-up the data, the Seller shall not be liable for any loss of data resulting from equipment failure.

5.6 The Buyer shall take necessary Anti-Static precautions when handling any electronic component. Any damage as a result of improper handling will void any warranty.


6.1 The Seller, at its own discretion, may accept as a return for credit unused product in its unopened original packaging and in a complete (i.e. complete with original instructions, all leads and ancillary equipment, etc.) condition that could be sold as new providing the product was purchased from Seller no more than thirty (30) days prior to the date of return. Buyer must provide proof of purchase within the preceding thirty (30) days.

6.2 The Buyer shall obtain a Returns Material Authorisation number (RMA) from the Seller, by logging on to before returning any goods. Goods received without a valid RMA number will not be dealt with but stored until the Seller is contacted by the Buyer for the required information.

6.3 The Buyer shall quote the sales invoice number on which the goods were purchased, upon verification by the Seller, the Seller shall issue a RMA number which shall be valid for a period of thirty days.

6.4 The goods shall be returned to the Seller at the Buyer's expense, sufficiently packaged so as to avoid damage in transit, with the original documentation, software and accessories. A valid RMA number should be clearly displayed on the outside of the package. The Seller shall not be liable for loss or damage whilst in transit to the Seller's address.

6.5 If the Buyer returns the Goods in person, these Goods must be left with the Seller for testing. Goods will not necessarily be tested whilst the customer waits. An RMA number will be issued upon receipt of the sales invoice number. No Goods can be left without proof of purchase. Upon receipt of the goods by the Seller, the Seller shall repair or replace at the Sellers discretion and shall be returned to the Buyer's original invoice address. Goods received by the Seller which are damaged, incomplete or not of the Seller's origin shall not be processed and arrangements for their return to the Buyer, at the Buyer's expense, shall be made.

6.6 In the event that the goods are returned and subsequently tested and found to be free of any faults the Seller may make a minimum charge of £10.00 plus VAT to cover the cost of testing, and Buyer shall also pay the return carriage charge. No goods shall be returned without payment of these charges. In the event that payment has not been made within 21 days of notification of the no fault found charge, the goods shall be disposed of without any liability to the Seller.

6.6 The Seller shall reserve the right to refuse to restock any goods which have been:

  1. Supplied in accordance with the Buyers order.
  2. Returned incomplete
  3. Returned not in manufacturers packaging or with defaced packaging
  4. Returned in a non-re-saleable condition

6.7 Goods that are returned for restocking will be charged a minimum of 10% restocking fee (mm. £5 plus VAT) and a testing charge of £10.00 plus VAT. The Seller shall reserve the right to refuse to restock any goods which are incomplete and/or not in their original packaging.


Defined as items non-stocked and non-core items by Target are, at Seller's option, non-returnable or may be returned with written authorisation subject to a restocking fee. Once the order has been placed, the customer commits to paying in full for the product including any associated costs including freight. As such, the customer will be liable for all charges if the order is cancelled prior to the order being delivered. For non-returnable items, no return privileges apply.


8.1 The Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted Goods 24 hours after delivery to the Buyer.

8.2 The Buyer shall advise in writing within 2 days of receipt of the Goods any discrepancies in specification from the Goods ordered, after which it shall be deemed acceptance of the goods as the specification supplied. After this period, the Buyer shall not be entitled to reject Goods that are not in accordance with the Contract.

8.3 The Seller will not consider any claims for shortage of delivery or damage in transit unless written notice is given to the carrier and Seller within 14 days of the receipt of goods. In this condition time shall be deemed to be of the essence.


9.1 The Goods shall be at the Buyer's risk as from delivery.

9.2 In spite of delivery having been made, property in the Goods shall not pass from the Seller until:

  1. the Buyer has paid the price plus VAT in full; and
  2. no other sums whatever shall be due from the Buyer to the Seller.

9.3 Until property in the Goods passes to the Buyer in accordance with Clause 9.2 the Buyer shall hold the Goods and each of them on fiduciary basis as Bailee for the Seller. The Buyer shall store the Goods (at no cost to the Seller) separately from all other goods in its possession and marked in such a way that they are clearly identified as the Seller's property.

9.4 Notwithstanding that the Goods (or any of them) remain the property of the Seller, the Buyer may sell or use the Goods in the ordinary course of the Buyer's business at full market value for the account of the Seller. Any such sale or dealing shall be a sale or use of the Seller's property by the Buyer's own behalf and the Buyer shall deal as principal when making such sales or dealings. Until property in the Goods passes from the Seller, the entire proceeds of sale or otherwise of the Goods shall be held in trust for the Seller and shall not be mixed with other money or paid into any overdrawn bank account and shall be at all material times identified as the Seller's money.

9.5 The Seller shall be entitled to recover the price (plus VAT) notwithstanding that the property in any terms has not passed from the Seller. Until such time as property in the Goods passes from the Seller to the Buyer shall upon request deliver up to such of the Goods as have not ceased to be in existence or resold to the Seller. If the Buyer fails to do so the Seller may enter upon any premises owned occupied or controlled by the Buyer where the Goods are situated and repossess the Goods. On the making of such request the rights of the Buyer under Clause 8.4 shall cease.

9.6 The Buyer shall not pledge or in any way charge by way of security for and indebtedness any of the Goods which are the Property of the Seller. Without prejudice to the other rights of the Seller, if theBuyer does so all sums whatever owing by the Buyer to the Seller forthwith become due and payable.

9.7 The Buyer shall insure and keep insured the Goods to the full price against "all risks" to the reasonable satisfaction of the Seller until the date that property in the Goods passes from the Seller and shall whenever requested by the Seller produce a copy of the policy of insurance. Without prejudice to the other rights of the Seller, if the Buyer fails to do so all sums whatever owing by the Buyer to the Seller shall forthwith become due and payable.


The Seller shall not be liable in any respect whatsoever for delay in the performance of, or the failure to perform, any obligation pursuant to any order or contract, in each case, as a result of circumstances beyond its control. If such circumstances delay or prevent the performance of any obligation under any order or contract for 30 days or more, the Seller shall be entitled by written notice to cancel or terminate such order or contract or its outstanding obligations thereunder.


11.1 Where the Buyer rejects any Goods then the Buyer shall have no further rights whatever in respect of the supply to the Buyer of such Goods or the failure by the Seller to supply Goods that confirm to the contract of sale.

11.2 Where the Buyer accepts or has been deemed to have accepted any Goods then the Seller shall have no liability whatever to the Buyer in respect of these Goods.

11.3 The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for late delivery or short delivery of Goods by the Sellers chosen Courier.


12.1 By accessing our site, you agree to all terms and conditions herein. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the services we provide. We will not be liable if for any reason, any of our sites or services are unavailable for any period of time.

12.2 Where our site contains links to other external sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for your information only. We have no control over the contents of those sites or resources, and accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.


13.1 The Buyer shall only use Target Trademarks in the specific form and manner provided and in strict conformity and compliance with any guidelines provided.

13.2 The Buyer shall not utilize Target Trademark for any unauthorized purpose and shall not attempt to register any Target Trademark, any domain name, trade name, keyword, mark or social or business networking/media account or identification name confusingly similar to any Target Trademark.

13.3 The Buyer recognizes the validity of Targets Intellectual Property and acknowledges them as property of Target and that no right, title or interest will be transferred to Buyer under these terms and conditions.

13.4 Target may revoke the Buyer's right to use any Target Trademarks at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion.


14.1 The buyer is responsible for ensuring that any product/s ordered via our services are suitable and compatible for their requirements.

14.2 Custom PC orders cannot be cancelled or adjusted once the order has been placed and the build has been started.

14.3 All Target builds will be supplied with a hardware warranty. We do not offer any additional support for software or first line technical support to end users.

14.4 Target reserve the right to exchange any component with an equal or equivalent component in a build without prior notification.

14.5 Data stored in the In-Store PC Builder is subject to GDPR and has been provided voluntarily. Information is held for the purpose of recalling quotesand builds.

14.6 Target reserve the right to withdraw these and any other services we offer at any time without prior notification.


This Contract is subject to the Law of England and Wales.



This document was last updated 8th December 2023

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