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Inno3D Graphics Cards

Inno3D focuses on manufacturing powerful graphics cards, and delivering the ultimate multimedia experience to the masses of PC users and multimedia professionals at an affordable cost. Having received widespread recognition as an outstanding success, the Inno3D range is a must-have at Target Components.

INNO3D C308T4-126XX-1810VA36

Manuf Part Code: C308T4-126XX-1810VA36
Target Part Code: 0GRINNC308T4126X

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Manuf Part Code: N710-1SDV-E3BX
Target Part Code: GRINN-N7101SDE3B

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Manuf Part Code: N1030-1SDV-E5BL
Target Part Code: GRINN-N10301SDVE

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INNO3D N16502-04D6X-171330N

Manuf Part Code: N16502-04D6X-171330N
Target Part Code: GRINN-N1650X2OC3

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INNO3D N30502-08D6-1711VA41

Manuf Part Code: N30502-08D6-1711VA41
Target Part Code: GRINN-N3050X2V2

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INNO3D N40602-08D6-173051N

Manuf Part Code: N40602-08D6-173051N
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4060X2

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INNO3D N40602-08D6X-173051W

Manuf Part Code: N40602-08D6X-173051W
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4060X2OCW

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INNO3D N406T2-08D6-171153N

Manuf Part Code: N406T2-08D6-171153N
Target Part Code: GRINN-N406T208D6

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INNO3D N406T2-16D6-178055N

Manuf Part Code: N406T2-16D6-178055N
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4060TX216

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INNO3D N40702-126X-185252N

Manuf Part Code: N40702-126X-185252N
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4070X2

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INNO3D N40702-126XX-185252W

Manuf Part Code: N40702-126XX-185252W
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4070X2OCW

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INNO3D N407T3-126X-186148N

Manuf Part Code: N407T3-126X-186148N
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4070TX3

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INNO3D N40903-246XX-18332989

Manuf Part Code: N40903-246XX-18332989
Target Part Code: GRINN-N4093246X

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