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Antec Cases, Power Supplies and Coolers

Antec is recognised as a pioneer in the industry and has maintained its position as a worldwide market leader and international provider of quiet, efficient and innovative products. Target Components is a distributor of Antec high-performance computing components and accessories for gaming and PC upgrades, including cases, power supplies, and coolers.

4x Tranquil 140mm ARGB PWM Fans Included
ANTEC 0-761345-10089-2
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ANTEC 0-761345-77752-0

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-77752-0
Target Part Code: FAANT-A30PRO

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ANTEC 00-761345-92048-3

Manuf Part Code: 00-761345-92048-3
Target Part Code: 0CAANT07613459U

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ANTEC 0-761345-77697-4

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-77697-4
Target Part Code: CLANT-ATECABW300

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ANTEC 0-761345-57007-7
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ANTEC 0-761345-777717-9

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-777717-9

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ANTEC 0-761345-77716-2

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-77716-2

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ANTEC 0-761345-77511-3

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-77511-3
Target Part Code: FAANT-PRIZM1203P

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ANTEC 0-761345-57010-7
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ANTEC 0-761345-92025-4

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-92025-4
Target Part Code: CAANT-VSK3000BU3

Bestseller.png 2YearWarranty.jpg 
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ANTEC 0-761345-77707-0

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-77707-0
Target Part Code: CLANT-ATRCVBK200

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ANTEC 0-761345-11742-5

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-11742-5
Target Part Code: PSANT-CSK550G

80plusbronze.png 3-Year-Warranty.jpg 
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ANTEC 0-761345-92003-2
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ANTEC 0-761345-80029-7
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ANTEC 0-761345-11608-4
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ANTEC 0-761345-11764-7
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ANTEC 0-761345-11389-2

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-11389-2
Target Part Code: PSANT-NE850G

ATX3.png PSU 80gold.jpg 2YearWarranty.jpg 
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ANTEC 0-761345-11394-6

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-11394-6
Target Part Code: PSANT-NE1000G

ATX3.png PSU 80gold.jpg 2YearWarranty.jpg 
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ANTEC 0-761345-11399-1

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-11399-1
Target Part Code: PSANT-NE1300G

ATX3.png PSU 80gold.jpg 10_Year_Warranty.jpg 
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ANTEC 0-761345-57009-1

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-57009-1
Target Part Code: FAANT-FUSION120

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ANTEC 0-761345-74045-6

Manuf Part Code: 0-761345-74045-6
Target Part Code: FAANT-FUSION120W

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ANTEC 0-761345-80000-6
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ANTEC 0-761345-92048-3
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ANTEC 0-761345-10099-1
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ANTEC 0-761345-10110-3
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ANTEC 0-761345-11759-3
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ANTEC 0-761345-57005-3
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ANTEC 0-761345-11791-3
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