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The 7 Behaviours of Productive People – Part 2

Posted On - 06/11/2015 13:40:49

The Key to Managing Time: Single Mindedness

Last week we started spelling out the seven behaviours of productive people.

We talked about the right way to use a diary, to-do lists and batching work.

This week we're going to talk about distractions, concentration, pauses and marginal gains.

Getting to grips with time isn't a quick fix – but neither is it difficult. You just have to want to do it. Interested? Read on…


In A&E things are urgent. Yet even under the most extreme pressure choices are being made. As ambulances arrive, patients who can wait do and the real emergencies get dealt with.

While you may not be dealing with life and death, you are contending with conflicting demands. People – including yourself – who all consider themselves the top of YOUR list. Demanding customers. Needy staff. Sales Calls. Your own conscience. You can't do it all, you have to focus. This isn't about priorities it's about distractions. Before you can even think about what matters you have to strip out what doesn't.

Disrupt interruptions

The phone rings. An email alert. Someone asks a question. A text arrives. A Facebook notification. Snapchat. An app alert. An alarm on your mobile...

Just when technology is supposed to set it's ended up doing more to sink us. Swamped by a deluge and never having enough time to really do anything, we just cope with everything that's going on.

But if you're thinking "all that stuff doesn't bother me" you're fooling yourself. Every disruption and distraction is a changeover – to and fro – on task then off. So all that happens is your attention just keeps refocussing and you're never really 'on' anything. We're not advocating hours of complete concentration on one thing – that isn't human. But you can't do your work justice if you've half an eye on something else.

See the video for practical advice on things that stop disruptions.

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