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Better Retailing – Shop Displays

Posted On - 20/02/2015 11:32:21

Without You, How Would Your Shop Fare?
This blog series is about Retailing. In particular it's about Retail Merchandising.

How good you are at Retail Merchandising will get used as a measure of you overall.

Right or wrong people are, consciously or unconsciously, using the evidence to gauge how good you are at IT.

You must accept customers and prospects, before they even speak to you, are forming impressions about you from the experience your shop gives.

In the last blog we looked at Retailing in terms of Shop Layout. In this blog we'll cover what it means for individual displays. If you're interested to learn more about what matters when it comes to shop windows or in-store features, this blog is for you.

Think Experience

82% of people enduring a poor customer experience will stop doing business with youResearch shows 82%(1) of people enduring a poor experience leave. Yep, create dissatisfied customers and the vast majority will go. Customer Experience matters. But what is Customer Experience? And how can you prevent dissatisfaction?

Customer Experience is the sum of all the impressions interacting with you creates. So everything they see and talk with. Dissatisfaction? Well, it can result from anything: a product not in stock through to a repair problem.

The key to preventing customer dissatisfaction is genuinely believing "the customer is King". Everyone is different and you aren't the judge of what's important to them. While you may think a fear of the number 13 (triskaidekaphobia) is stupid they sure don't.

Research also shows 70% (2) of Customer Experience results from how people are treated. That means the vast majority of the impression you create has nothing to do with what you're selling - it's how you sell it that counts. But that doesn't mean you only need a 30% good shop. It doesn't work like that – everything has to be as good as it can be. So when it comes to your shop consider this: if you weren't there and a customer was to judge you based on what they saw, how well would you do?

A window into you

Shop windows are big panes of glass. They're also a glimpse into you. They're an expression of your personality. The products you select and the effort and creativity you put into their display speaks volumes.

You don't need create fabulous, artistic displays - you aren't trained window dressers. Just work on the basis of presenting products and services in ways that appeal.

Shop Windows are so important we've written a full series on them. See "Retail Window Displays and Visual Merchandising" for more.

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