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You've Options with That

Posted On - 02/10/2015 09:58:36

Words: More Important then You May Think

"Instant Profit" is unashamedly about making more money from the very next customer you serve.

Last week we kicked-off the series with a blog on why you can and should raise prices NOW! This week, we turn our attention to selling, showing and telling you the key phrase that'll transform you as a salesperson.

Remember, it's easy to sell to those who already know you. What you need to get good at is selling to strangers …

What is selling?

Selling's a bit grubby isn't it? It's all about persuading, cajoling, even flogging. It's pushy and about ‘closing'. Most of us have experienced overbearing selling and most of us don't like it. And therein lays the clue to success.

If you have to convince people to buy, that doesn't just say something about how much they want your stuff, it should sound a huge claxon in your head. Because if they end up with the slightest regret it'll be your fault they bought.

You can't make people buy and you shouldn't try. What you can do is put them in control of the decisions they make. The measure of success in selling isn't whether you sold, it's whether they made the right choice.

Service is not about being nice

Manners matter. You can't be rude and provide good service. But neither will you provide good service by not being rude. Sure, being polite is essential to civilised conversation. But being courteous alone isn't service.

Think of it like this: whenever you talk with a customer you're doing more than just passing the time of day – that conversation is your chance to provide a service. One you offer for free and that defines you and your value.  No matter how nice and polite you are there's no value to a customer if all you do is give them what they ask for. That's just taking orders. But if you always go about helping them get a better understanding of their needs and what'll be right for them you're advising. And if they feel - experience - you're out to help them make the right choices, that's giving service.

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