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Excellent Retailing in Practice

Posted On - 18/12/2015 07:51:21

A month ago we set out on a journey. A trip around the UK so we could showcase examples of great retailersA month ago we set out on a journey. A trip around the UK so we could showcase examples of great retailers.

On our way we met Steve, David and Marcus. We learned about their aspirations. We got to understand what they think's key to retailing. And we got to see their stores first-hand.

We got real insight into their minds and what goes into making their shops what they are. So, now we're back home, is that it? No…

Common denominator?

Our trip has shown us one thing for sure. That different retailers are successful for different reasons. Steve Hopkins of PC Friend pays attention to detail – he's meticulous about pricing and presentation. David Marchant of Cobweb Computers pays attention to what customers are thinking – he's into the psychology of presenting himself as a credible alternative to the high-street names. And Marcus Johnson of PC Hut pays attention to brand – he's all about image and reputation. But what does all this tell us? There's no one way to go about being great, there are many.

Vulgar fraction

But be all that as it may, Steve, David and Marcus actually do share one thing in common. They aren't all completely different – there's something they all have that's central to their success. It's what they see their shops for. These guys all see them as crucial to their success. Their shops aren't something on the side, an add-on, an excuse to have a workshop on the high-street. Their shops are their business. Steve, David and Marcus are all crystal clear on one thing: their shops don't just show customers they're serious about wanting their trade – they prove it.

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