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How to Practice Excellent Retailing

Posted On - 20/11/2015 08:26:35

After all, most of you are in business to do what you love - build and fix computers - not retailAt the 2014 Open Day ShopTalk delivered "Better Retailing". A session put on because you asked for it. And because we felt we should. After all, most of you are in business to do what you love - build and fix computers - not retail. So having a shop is a means not the end.

And while the 2014 session covered a ton of retail theory and practice, there wasn't much in the way of computer shops, interiors and layouts so we could bring it all to life. This year we changed that…

So you can see a shop in your mind's-eye

Theory is all very well, but it doesn't tell you what to do.

Best practice examples are great but they don't show you how you should look.

Last year we wanted photos of computer shops to show the points made. We assumed we'd be able to find examples. But there were none! That's not because you guys retail badly: we know - we've seen - the great shops out there. It's simply because not many of you seem to take photos and post them online. This blog series changes all that. We're going to show you stuff so you can imagine what you could look like.

Seeing the wood for the trees

While picking pics to make points may do just that, it doesn't tell you the big picture. A good retail store is more than the sum of individual displays, layouts and merchandising. It's how that shop wants to be seen - the impression that owner wants to create or experience they want shoppers to feel - that shapes the arrangements you see.

A shops presentation is done from the perspective of the owner's mind – the story they want to tell – their vision of what they want to be known for. So, even if we had photos to bring the theory to life back in 2014, they wouldn't tell you this. Not in this blog series.

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