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Think Brand

Posted On - 11/12/2015 08:33:31

Think Brand

So, here we are - the third and final showcase retailer in the series ‘Practical Retailing' - based on the 2015 Open Day workshop. Introducing Marcus Johnson of PC Hut. Marcus's ambitions extend to opening several more shops to the two he already has. But he sees this as more than just renting more premises - he's thinking ‘brand'. About creating a look and feel that gets known and trusted throughout his area. How's he doing that? Join us and find out…

Manifest presence

Retail is nearly always a compromise. And while Marcus's Sleaford store is right on a slow moving road, opposite WH Smith and Greggs stores, he's no window display space. What's more his main door isn't in the shopfront, it's round the side. Yet this is a shop with a huge, welcoming presence right in the centre of town. Marcus has invested in his brand – with professional graphic design to create his logo and look. And the results speak for themselves. He looks every bit as credible as the national brands around him.

Window merchandising with no displays?!

No space to display stuff? Then it's impossible to use the windows for merchandising! No it isn't. Remember ‘How to Design a Window Display'? About how we spoke about what shop windows really do? That they're all about showing you're open and willing to do business? Yeah? Well, while it might be tempting to forget having a display if you've no space, it's absolutely the wrong thing to do. Marcus has no space, his front door opens right where it would be. But he's found a way to still have one without using any space. Like to know how? Watch the video.

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