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10 Ways to Get Customers Backing You

Posted On - 27/03/2013 10:37:42

5. Get visibly involved in the local business community

How Airedale Computers got FREE PRNow helping the businesses around you by posting stuff in your windows or on your website is one thing.

But being a genuine part of your local business community is another.

It's about getting involved in your local business association or networking group.

Going along to meetings and making a positive contribution is a great start. The loftier goal is to become part of it. To get onto the ‘leadership team' or be part of an ‘organising committee' is what this means.

The moment you do these things you have demonstrated a level of commitment to the association above the majority.

Anyone can pay to be a member of a club. It's only people who genuinely care about the cause that actually get involved. And it's being seen to do these things that show you're someone worth knowing.

6. Visibly help people

The most obvious way to do this is through training / education. This is about giving short talks and information sessions.

Now, having self help guides available on your website is a fantastic start. But let's face it, anyone can cut-and-paste and are your guides just that?

Whether they are or aren't doesn't actually matter.

The issue is it's only people who genuinely care about helping others that actually get out and do it.

Who actually do sessions face-to-face.

And it's being seen to do these things that show you're someone worth knowing. See my blog "Make Money out of Talking" for more on this.

7. Get PR into the local media

This isn't about the tremendous reach media has or how you go about getting "Free Publicity in the Media" – see my blog for that.

This is about how being in the media acts as an endorsement. Because an independent third party writing about you is exactly that – after all, they wouldn't risk their own reputation writing about anyone less that ‘exemplary' would they?

If you have been acting visibly with local good causes, with the local business community, delivering talks and information sessions, you are doing the very sorts of things the local media will report.

Local business with a local media endorsement. Result. All you have to do is make sure they know about what you're doing and get invited to attend everything you do. See my blog for more.

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