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21 Tips to Increase Your Convenience

Posted On - 01/03/2013 12:36:36

How to Promote Convenience
Like price, location is important. But it's rarely the defining factor behind why people choose you.

If you let people think you inconvenient, they will. But if you make the effort to be easily found, easy to find, easy to visit and easy to use, you will make it hard for them to think you so.

The onus is on YOU to be perceived convenient. No-one else can do the things that will create that impression. And to help with that, here are 21 - yes, twenty-one - ways you can make yourself so. With these there's absolutely no reason prospects should ever think you inconvenient.

1. Use A-boards / signage to show where you are

You use them to 'advertise' products and services. 'A' boards work because they attract attention. They interrupt people's line of sight as they walk along the pavement. They nudge people out of their thoughts as they go about their business. Use them to point out where you are as well. You're not hidden away, just follow the arrow, you're convenient.

2. Make sure your shop signage says exactly what you do

The outside of your shop is often the first impression a prospect gets. If your signage isn't clear, if all they can see is "PC repairs", why would they pop in to buy a mouse? Does PC Repairs include virus removal? They don't know and if they visit and you don't, that's inconvenient. Make sure your signs spell out clearly what you do.

3. Market you're local

Promote the fact you're local in your marketing. Point it out - state "directly across from the post office" or whatever's relevant for you. People would prefer not traipse miles to get things done. It's tiring and takes so much time. By making yourself so very visible, in ways people can quickly understand, you make yourself more convenient.

4. If you have easy access, mention it

If you have parking, mention it. And if it's free, make a point of that. More, if you're near someone else's free parking, like a nearby shopping centre or supermarket mention that too. This means stating it clearly on our website, emails and so on.

5. Show where you are

Have clear directions and maps on your marketing and website. And don't hide them, make them prominent. Make sure they're as large and easy to read as you can make them with reason - don't just squeeze them on.

6. If you're on or near public transport routes mention them

If a bus route passes outside, mention it. State the number of the bus and the name of the stop. Even if it's at the end of the street mention it and give the details. Same goes for train stations. Not everyone drives and sometimes people take the bus for fun - make yourself convenient for them too.

7. Use the competition to your advantage

PC World, Staples, all the big guys draw loads of footfall. Thing is, people will be more likely to try you if they have a fall-back option. Plus they'll have a free car-park. Don't be afraid to say "150 yards from PC World" when highlighting your location. It makes you convenient.

8. Act to make your location more convenient

How could you ‘create' parking? Could work with other local businesses or petition the council to convert nearby waste ground into free parking? Do you have a wide pavement outside that the businesses around you use for their own parking? Could you persuade them to join you in parking round the corner so visitors could park up directly outside? Parking is important so if you can 'make' some, do it.

9. Get on Google My Business

Want some free advertising for your business? Sign up to "Google My Business". Want to rank better in local searches? Get on "Google My Business". These are just a couple of reasons to use it. There's many more. Do it. And whilst you're at it, make sure you're listed in all relevant local online listings as well. Do everything you can to increase your online visibility. There's loads you can do for free. Do it.

10. SEO by location

Optimise your website on your location. Make sure your page title tag includes your location. Make sure your keywords include phrases like computer repairs in Wakefield.

11. Sound convenient

Imply ‘convenience' in all the language you use when mentioning your business. For example "Pop in and see us…", "Just drop by…", "We're always happy to see…" etc.

12. Don't act like a Big Chain

The people who want to use you are looking for a convenient local business. That's what they want. This doesn't mean you can't look and be professional. But don't cofuse this with trying to replicate being like PC World or anyone like that. They're not the same. And it's not what your prospects want. Be a convenient local business. It's what you are and what people want you to be.

13. Play to the footfall others have created

You are highly convenient to the footfall the shops and businesses around you have created. Sure, those people are visiting the other business but they're in your locality. So think about their needs. Act to stock products/create bundles/offer services that would appeal to them. We've a customer who created a special senior citizens computer deal for the hairdresser frequented by pensioners over the road from them. Another customer who sells sweets because of the number of passing school kids. The footfall is already there and it cost you nothing to create, all you need to be is convenient for it.

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