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How to Sell You have Knowledge, Experience and Opinion

Posted On - 28/03/2013 14:24:50

You can't sell your knowledge, experience and opinion like thisSpecial Offer: 25% Off Knowledge! Doesn't make sense does it?

Yet if you can't sell you have ‘know-how' – if customers don't buy you're capable – you're in trouble. They'll stick with who they know or go somewhere that's better at selling themselves than you. If you're lucky they might stay and moan about your prices - let's face it at least they're talking to you.

But seriously, you have to learn how to communicate - convincingly - you've got what it takes to people who've never met you before.

Relying on others to spread the word is no substitute - it's way too slow and can't be relied on. You've got to learn to do it yourself. To tell people that you don't just have knowledge and experience they can rely on, that they'd be missing a trick if they didn't use you. How's that done? Read this blog and find out.

Promote your qualifications

Sounds obvious doesn't it? Yet I keep bumping into Indies who don't do this. Business owners with accreditations, professional memberships, diplomas and all sorts – stuff they deliberately got so they could do the work they do - who don't tell anyone they've got them.

Prospects are looking for reassurance and to ignore your qualifications denies you basic credibility. This isn't about showing off, this is about giving people reasons to trust you – so don't be embarrassed.

Mention your qualifications in conversations with customers: "As an Microsoft authorised refurbisher all my second hand machines have genuine software." And make sure your certificates are visible in your shop or on your business wall.

But go further, tell people about your qualifications before you get to talk to them - have signs in your windows, logos on your website and in your email signature, icons on your business card and letterhead. Everywhere you can communicate you are qualified to be trusted, do so.

Lace your business with experience

There's an easy way to state experience. It's how long you've been doing the job. So if you've been in business 3, 5, 10 years then say so. ‘Serving IT consumers since 2010.' After all, if you've been in the trade that long you must be doing something right.

You don't just do PC Health-Checks, you do 20 Point Expert PC Health-ChecksProblem is, are you a master or a novice? Are you OK or truly outstanding?

You need to do more to hint at the depth of you experience and you can do it easily like this.

Instead of a ‘Health-Check' yours is a ‘20 Point Expert Health-Check'. You get it?

It looks so small but means so much. And by making a point of the value you give in one service, you've hinted at the expertise you apply more widely.

computer business forms, pc diagnostic card, how to test computer, free computer diagnostic, pc diagnosis, computer health check, free pc health advisor, pc health adviser, pc health service, laptop health checkBut why not really make your expertise plain and use a job form that lists the '20 points' on it?

Have a copy on your counter or website. Use with customers to discuss what they'll get if they buy.

Be prepared to tell people about each point if they ask – and use plain English when you answer.

Make sure you lace your experience into the fabric of your business at every opportunity.

Turn simple knowledge into free products

Like it or not you are 'the computer guy/girl'. That means people think you know stuff and you're an expert in their eyes.

The thing is, most of their problems will be to do with software - "My emails stopped working, any ideas what I should check?" "I can't get on the internet any more, what should I do?" "I don't get this Windows 8 start page, help!" Recognise any of these?

So you have huge opportunity to help them. Not in teaching them how to perform a hardware upgrade or computer tune up - the stuff you charge good money for - but for lots of things you don't. So if you help them with these things, you're not losing a penny.

I know you're finding people come to you with the same simple issues – things that just need some advice to sort - and that you're repeatedly giving out advice. And it's not that you should stop giving simple advice for free and start charging, it's that there's a bigger opportunity in this: Self-Help Guides.

Windows 8: it doesn't get much better - helping people understand that Start screenWhere you find issues come up time and again head them off with simple guides: just write them - you've got the knowledge.

The example opposite and below is from one of our customers who's done exactly this for Windows 8. Click on the image to download a copy.

If you do take the time to write guides like these then here's a few tips to make sure they work their hardest for you.

  1. Make sure they look professional
  2. Have printed copies in your shop. They don't have to be professionally printed, just well printed. Colour and pictures are good
  3. Make them available for download from your website. And if you do this you can also use them from time to time in posts on social media
  4. Lastly, make certain they have your business name and contact details on them. Because stuff like this gets shared

Windows 8 - the perfect reason to give free adviceBut don't just refer people straight to them when they ask – give the advice just like you would have done before and then say "by the way, I've a simple guide on this? Would you like a copy/download it from my website?"

Behave like this and you've done far more than just help the customer.

A written guide also carries huge 'authority' in ways a few words of advice can never.

And because you wrote that guide, that 'authority' - that knowledge and expertise - is reflected in you.

By creating a simple product based on what you know you have convincingly communicated you know your stuff. What's more, you've taken simple knowledge and given it to customers in a way they can share with others.

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