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Best Shop Layout Award Winner 2013

Posted On - 09/05/2014 14:40:25

2013 Winner: Best Shop Layout

Allan Clark, Universal Computing, Dunfermline.

About the Award

It's proven the more products and services customers are exposed to, the more they buyIt's proven the more products and services customers are exposed to, the more they buy.

So a shop is far more than just a space filled with stuffthe way it's laid out and engages visitors with merchandise impacts sales significantly.

This Award is aimed at that and concerns use of retail space, not dedicated workshop, office and storage areas. Specifically Best Shop Layout concerns the overall layout and positioning of goods within a shop only. Which means it excludes specific retail displays and merchandising – these are covered in ‘Best Internal Retail Display'. Also excluded is anything related to the use of use of PC configurators – this is covered under ‘Best Use of PC Configurator'.

Why did you enter?

Allan Clark, Universal Computing, Dunfermline entered because he'd just given his shop a make-over"We'd just given our shop a complete make-over. It was really tired. Rather than start from scratch we took the best from the likes of Apple and PCW – why reinvent the wheel – and came up with a new design" says Allan. "We didn't expect anyone to vote for us, so it was a real surprise when we won."

Which customers is your shop aimed at?

"Our shop sells mainly to local home users" says Allan, "we service our business customers from different premises. We wanted to create an impression of technical excellence and innovation" he continues. So with that in mind Allan chose a contemporary design that the public would recognise. Something that contained enough of the slick big names to resonate but not so much as to overwhelm Universal's own identity.

Best practice #1: create a flow around your shop

The essence of shopping is browsing. So no matter how little space you have always try and get people moving around itThe essence of shopping is browsing. So no matter how little space you have always try and get people moving around it. And if you premises has any nooks and crannies entice visitors into them. Because the more they see the more they will buy.

"We've made the design open plan" says Allan "and in sections such as networking and input devices etc."

Allan's design also has a central display table that both forces people to circulate and presents them with a focus to look at. "It's proven very effective" he says.

Best practice #2: the eye-line is the buy-line

Our preferred field of view is between waist height and eye-levelOur preferred field of view is between waist height and eye-level. It's naturally where we feel most comfortable looking.

Professional retailers refer to this as the 'buy-line' because this is where people gaze most.

"Our design means all the most popular items are at eye-level" says Allan. At either end of his counter Allan also has glass display towers. This is a professional way of presenting products in a really attractive way that draws eyes.

Best practice #3: shop layout is only part of your customer's experience

Shop layout is only part of your customer's experienceIt can be easy to think of a shop as just a set of shelves with stuff on them. Let's face it - it's the repairs that matter! Not. Shoppers don't want shopping to be a chore, they want something pleasant.

"You only get one chance for a first impression so from our uniforms and business cards to our ‘apple' oak table everything is designed to convey quality in both product and service" says Allan.

Has winning the Award helped?

Like most winners Allan has his trophy on display in his shop and on his website. "It's a great talking point with customers" he says, "and it's the best getting congratulated by people you've never met before".

He goes on "seeing the Award gives customers real confidence they're buying from the right place. We are over the moon winning. It's been great knowing all the effort and money spent on refreshing the shop has been well spent".

Will Allan be entering next year's Awards?

"Definitely", he says. "We've been developing a new repair tracking system – completely bespoke and brilliant!"

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