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Grow Your Business with Social Media

Posted On - 25/08/2017 08:10:00

Social media used to be considered a bit of a passing fad. But over time things have turned out differently. So just how do businesses make the most of it?Social media used to be considered a bit of a passing fad. Something "kids" were using and of no real use to business.

But over time things have turned out very differently.

Two-thirds of internet users are active on social media – that's a few billion people! In 2016 the World Economic Forum commented how well UK businesses use the Internet to interact with their customers.

Make no mistake, social media is here and can't be ignored. Everyone says you should be on it. In fact, it's often assumed you just are. But if you're finding it tough to make it work or perhaps still on the fence about using it don't fret, come to the Target Open Day. Why? Because we can help you get into it the right way or if you already are, do it better. Read on to find out how...

Where to start?

It's critical you understand you're not likely to sell using social media. It's not about placing ads and watching the money roll in as prospects click to your business. It's an entirely different strategy from traditional approaches like transactional, call-to-action, mass or outbound marketing.

Social media marketing is just like all marketing in that it's about raising awareness of your business. But from there on it's very different. Because it does it in ways that really appeal. Social media is two way – it's about interaction. Not broadcast ‘send' only messages based on what you want to say. But responding to people prompted to comment on your posts because you knew they'd interest them. So social media marketing has nothing to do with "buy this now and get £10 off". It's about prospects getting to know and trust you first – so they feel comfortable to enquire when they're ready.

Once you understand this difference you've a chance using social media. Because you'll be taking part in it the right way. Not shouting at people demanding they buy your stuff. But contributing and being part of the craich.

It's all in the content

Ever wondered what the ‘social' in social media is all about? Well, it's about getting together. About sharing stuff, commenting and chatting. It's about being social with friends or as part of a community. Which is why is presents such a challenge to businesses.

Often the only experience many IT SMEs have of ‘comms' is either about jobs or selling. Be it making quotes, updating on jobs, invoicing or marketing and advertising that's what you talk about when you communicate. And as important as all that is it's not stuff that really gets people buzzing. It doesn't foster chit-chat. It's not that friendly.

But find what you can say about what you do that gets people talking and you've got it cracked. You're in a different place and well on the way to using social media.

Facegram, Instalink, Twitterest and Linkblr

So many social sites – and I've only listed 6 (if you can't spot which, drop me a line for a chat)! Should you be on them all? It'd be so much work! And it would be if you tried.

Don't attack social media this way. Instead, go back to what I said about content and think about what that means. What you do is more relevant to some parts of the market than others. And the demographic mix on different platforms varies. Instagram use is dominated by 18-29 year olds. LinkedIn by business professionals. [There's great article on all this from SproutSocial].

The point is marketing is about targeting segments. If you're not doing that you're wasting time, money and energy. Think about it: if you build gaming rigs would you be better using Instagram or LinkedIn? And if you install networks and servers? Don't be a busy fool, work smart.

What about my website?

If you've a website it's a good question. After all wouldn't being on social media make it redundant? Well, maybe not – it depends.

Social media gives you much cheaper access to traffic than your own site. Your own website is completely under your design and control. You can set up and close social sites in a few clicks for free. A website is often considered more credible. People already know how to interact on social media. It goes on. Then there's the issue of making your website work with social media - so people can share your content with their friends. So much to consider – it's no wonder some steer away fearing the complexity.

Don't give up. Instead, come to the Target Open Day and see "Grow Your Business with Social Media". Come and see us and learn how to make sense of it all.

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Esther Orridge of Social Progress Limited is joining us at this year's Open Day. She'll be hosting the workshop "Grow Your Business with Social Media".

Esther's a social media account manager and trainer. She looks after clients' social media accounts. Helping them with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. She also delivers workshops and blogs about social media. So Esther knows a thing or two about it and we're really pleased to have her along for the Day. If you're curious about or already doing social media I guarantee you'll learn something from her. And with the Open Day completely free to customers this is expert social media advice at no cost. And yes, if you come the lunch is free too!

Don't dither or delay, this is a no-brainer. Register to attend this year's Open Day here. Find out how to make the most of social media for your business.

Posted On: Aug 25th, '17

Danny Mason

This is the workshop which I am looking to take the most from this year. My company doesn't focus on Social Media, so I hope to change that.
Posted On: Aug 25th, '17


2547 days, 9 hours, 55 minutes ago

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Hi Danny, Thanks for the comment. It'll be a good session Social Progress are very practical and hands on. Expect sensible sound advice. They're exhibiting too, so you can chat with them any time during the day. See you there.
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