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Is Your Business Stagnating?

Posted On - 21/07/2017 08:04:26

Is your business stagnating? Have you taken your eye off the ball?You're out to do your best. Every day you do great work, delight customers and go-the-extra-mile.

But regardless of your zest, your devotion, despite your apparent success, could you be in trouble?

Because while being happy ‘doing OK' is all very well, being content is dangerous.

Make it a reason to kick-back, an excuse to take it easy, and you take your eye off-the-ball. So contentment turns to complacency. And before you know it your business is stagnating…

You are in a competition

You're in computers because you love them, right? An interest became a shop and a business that makes you a living. And while some of you may love competing, many of you'd rather not. It's just not why you do what you do.

Problem is you can't turn your back on competing. Others aren't going to turn your customers away – some might be all-out to get them. Doing nothing isn't an option. You're a contender. Business is a race and you have to run it. The question is what do you do?

The purpose of business is to create and keep customers

…so said Peter Drucker the management guru. He's right. Do it well and the consequences are profound. You get an active and growing customer base. But not just that, you get the very thing you want: a successful business, security and income.

Thing is, if you've been retailing for several years it's likely you're hitting a plateau. Sure, the odd new face pops in to shop but other than that everyone's a 'regular'. You've got what you're going to get - achieved reasonable "market penetration". That's it, isn't it?

Selling to one customer

Business plans are built on market research. How you'll create and keep customers entirely depends on who's out there. And this is the issue. As a shop you're probably selling to one customer - consumers. But what about your local business community?

Manufacturing, services, retail or technology based businesses – they're all on your doorstep. Just pop your postcode into to see all the Ltd companies in your locality. A second customer just sitting there! One with much bigger and wider IT needs than consumers. And one with much, much deeper pockets too.

Best of all, while not all consumers have computers businesses pretty much depend on them. What's more all their owners and staff need IT as well. So for every business customer you win you don't just get one, you get many.

Get into business IT

Is business IT a step too far? If you're a shopkeeper it could look daunting. But hold on - don't write it off, think it through.

Sure, solutions sales – selling hardware, software, networking, storage and associated services - is a huge change from fixing laptops and doing gaming builds. Selling managed services - remotely managing a customer's IT infrastructure and end-user systems - is nothing like retailing ink and pen drives. Pretty different huh?

But just as there are large businesses with sophisticated IT needs there are huge numbers of micro-businesses wanting support akin to consumers. They want reliable, fast computing with virus protection. They want their data secure, they may even want remote monitoring to check their software's up-to-date and their drives are running OK. Stuff most of you already do and if not, not beyond any of you. The market for business IT is huge. Whatever your capabilities, you really should be in it.

Enterprise Zone

The Target Open Day has always been about helping you build a better business and this year is no different. We're opening our doors like never before to our Servers Plus customers. Business IT exhibitors like Ubiquiti, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Fujitsu will feature. Servers Plus will showcase their servers iQuote tool and new Warranty Check services. Plus there'll be product workshops too. Plenty of VARs and MSPs will be along.

What this means is there's a huge opportunity for you - loads of products to find out about and people to learn from. Quite a line up and opportunity for you to find out more about making business IT your business. You really should register to come and get along on Friday 15th September 2017.

Register for the Target Open Day

If you stand still your business will stagnate. If you fail to compete your business will decay. Over time your customer base will plateau and start to decline. Slowly you profits will stall then fall. Bit-by-bit things will get tighter and tougher. And you become a "boiling frog". 

It doesn't have to be like this.

Open your eyes to the business all around you. And whether you've none, some or tons of business customers the Open Day can help you. Sure it's a day out of your business but it's a day that will help your business and may even change it completely. Don't miss it. Everyone at Target would love to see you along. Register now.

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